Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My Vision Of A DIY Doggy Gate For Our Front Porch Is Coming To Life

One big project that I've been wanting to make since embarking on our DIY Dog Mom Projects adventures is a Doggy Gate for our front porch. Since early Spring, I have brought it up over and over again. Where this is a larger project, there would be a lot of planning and time involved. It would also take up the entire table. Between work, Lisa's promotion, and everything between, it hasn't happened. Until now...

There are several reasons why I have wanted a DIY Doggy Gate for the front porch...

The first, about 4 years ago, a couple of family members were visiting us. During their visit, one of the family members opened our front door, leaned on it to keep it opened, continued to chat, and was completely oblivious to the fact that Coco had run out of the house. Thankfully, he only ran across the street and sat at June's porch door. This incident has haunted me since especially when I come across stories almost daily about pet parents who's kids have managed to escape.

The second, accidents happen. None of our kids our bolters, but I don't take that for granted. When Lisa and I open the front door located in the living room, we always make sure the kids are behind the gate that separates the kitchen from the living room.

The third, Willa. She's a purebred Jack Russell. She's mischevious. Smart. And, just recently, she managed to open the gate that separates the kitchen from the living room. Much to our surprise, when we opened the front door to come back in, 3 of our kids were right there.

The last, if one of our kids did manage to scurry out the front door when we opened it to go outside or come back inside, with a DIY Doggy Gate, they'd have no means of escaping the front porch.

Originally, we were going to use lattice to make a DIY Doggy Gate. I sketched a design and Lisa took measurements and drew in the frame. However, a few months ago we scored some scrap wood. Picket fence wood. It was love at first sight. When Lisa brought it home, I knew instantly that it would be used for our DIY Doggy Gate.

After taking additional measurements and inventory on how much picket fence and frame wood we had, we realized we'd have a lot of extras.

Our plans changed a bit. Instead of making one DIY Doggy Gate, we'd make 2. One for us. The other for our dear friend as part of her Christmas present.

Lisa worked downstairs in her woodshop for most of the day while I completed my deadline and wrapped up a 6-week project for a client...

Lisa took the picket fence pieces apart and sanded them. There was 11 total. We used 6 for us because our kids are small. The other 5 were used for our friend's surprise DIY Doggy Gate. Her furry kid is bigger than any of ours.

Tomorrow, I'll begin the process of painting the DIY Doggy Gates. Lisa picked out a gorgeous shade of light brown that matches the house we live in. It's a good quality, outdoor satin paint. As a bonus, she's using the sheet wood to cut out 2 large doggy bones that will go on the front of the gates. I still haven't decided how I'll decorate the wooden doggy bones, but between now and then I'll come up with something creative.

I'm super excited about this project. I know it'll take a while from start to finish, but every minute will be well worth it.

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