Monday, December 11, 2017

The First Batch Of Our Holiday Love & Cheer Boxes Have Been Shipped

Last month, after receiving a "just because" gift in the mail, and shedding a few tears, I gained a bit of perspective. I realized that over the past few years, I have failed to spread love and cheer to those we adore who live hundreds of miles away. These are the people who have sent us packages on occasion; always at the right moment. When it's needed the most. I've always had the best of intentions on reciprocating their kindness, but I often get sidetracked and it just never happened for one reason or another.

That's no excuse and I know that...

This holiday season, I'm making it a priority to send packages to the people who live far, far away who have touched our lives and extended random kindness.

Today, the first batch of our Holiday Love and Cheer boxes were mailed.

I'm not telling who they're for or where they're going.

What I will say is that each package will arrive at its destination in the next 2-3 days.

This makes me happy.

I have a few more to make and ship.

That will happen the end of this week or the day after Christmas.

I don't like to ship items the week before Christmas because the Post Office is swamped and packages often get mangled or lost or they arrive late.

Either way, we'll be spreading a lot of love and cheer over the Christmas season.

That's what we decided to do this year in addition to our Spreading Holiday Love and Cheer Party.

We've enjoyed it a lot.

It may just become one of our Christmas traditions.

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