Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Today, I Needed Kleenex. The Universe Kicked My Butt. And, I Gained Much Needed Perspective

So far, this week has been a bit challenging. I've also been increasingly irritated with a few situations that have left me feeling a little worn out and used. And, I'm frustrated because a couple of these situations haven't been addressed in a timely manner. I'm doing my best to shake it off, but I'm human. At times I struggle with "how I would handle a situation" versus "how others handle a situation" and it clashes. Enough said.

Sometimes that makes it difficult for me to find my way. Or, where I stand in someone's life. 

For starters, I worked non-stop over the weekend to complete some cool DIY Dog Mom Projects to sell yesterday. All that was left to do, before taking photos, was to attach the tiny metal loops for the twine hangers. It would have taken me 30 minutes tops. However, after conquering a work deadline ahead of schedule, I decided to tackle some housework. While putting the dishes away, Willa ran under my feet. She was in zoomie mode while playing with Coco. In my successful attempt to avoid stepping on her, I had a not-so-graceful moment that resulted in my forehead smacking into our kitchen table and chair. Long story short, that was the end of my workday.

Earlier today, and feeling much better, I started taking photos of the DIY Dog Mom Projects. In the middle of the photo session, our lights went out. Instant panic. It wasn't windy. The sun was out. In the past, when this has happened, the power was restored within a few seconds. This time, it was almost a minute. When the lights came back on, I exhaled.

Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, our internet was down for over 3 hours. My photo session came to a halt. After an hour of no internet, I realized posting the DIY Dog Mom Projects wouldn't be happening until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I went outside. Front porch. There it was. A big package. I immediately recognized the sender.

She's also the one who sent me this back in May. Another surprise package. Out of the blue. For no reason at all.

I went to school with her. Tracy. I haven't seen her since my Sophmore year in high school. That was almost 3 decades ago.

I've been on her Facebook friends list for many years. 

Tracy is nothing short of inspiring. She's an incredible woman and Mom. Her kids, who are young adults, are hard workers, determined, motivated, and they have the utmost respect for those around them. Tracy is simple and someone who appreciates the little things in life. She has participated in many events that raise money for the greater good. She is a hard worker who puts her family and friends first. Her smile could light the darkest of skies. She is a strong and admirable woman. Her heart is big.

And today, as I unwrapped the brown paper bag wrapping and discovered this box, even before opening it, I knew several things. The first, I would need some Kleenex. The second, the Universe was about to gently kick my ass and open my eyes. The last, gaining perspective.

Inside of the box were gifts and a card. I opened the card first. The front of the card had a photo of a dog sitting amid a flower garden.

"Just a little something for you. Your friendship is a lifelong treasure to me. You are such an inspiration. Much love and happy holidays."

Time. For. The. Kleenex.

Inside of the box were beautiful gifts. Candles including Yankee Candle, my favorite. Dish towels and pot holders. Some with my favorite quotes. Others, doggy themed because I'm a Work at Home Dog Mom. A wine glass that was totally me. Plaques with inspirational quotes that I hold dear to my heart.

This is when the Universe kicked me in the ass.

"Hey, Lisa. A woman you haven't seen in almost 3 decades sent you just-because gifts. And, these gifts were so personal. She knows you. She pays attention."

More Kleenex.

I put everything back in the box. Closed it up. It's a large box. I wrapped my arms around the box. Laid my head on top of the box. Cried.

I have no shame in admitting this. 

This is where gaining perspective comes into play.

Lisa and I have our tribe. Physically around us. We extend random acts of kindness. We help those in need. We've been doing this for years. We've launched a couple of Meal Trains. We celebrate rites of passages. I bake and spread sweet love throughout the year. We deliver and ship Bodacious Care Packages to pet parents in need. Our door is always opened to those in need.


I have failed to do the same for those who live far away. Most I've never met. Like David, Jill, and Bruce. And, our sweet feisty girl, Retta! A few we'll be meeting soon. Martha. Brian. And, as with Tracy, ones I haven't seen in almost 3 decades.

All of these people have touched my life over the past year and beyond...more than they know.

They've inspired me. 

Towards the end of last month, after Lisa asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, I made the decision to dedicate my birthday to Spreading Holiday Love and Cheer.

Instead of celebrating my birthday, we're hosting a Holiday party at our home on December 9th. Our home is small, but it's warm and inviting. There will be wonderful people here. Scrumptious food. Lots of love. Unity. Our home is a 'Judgement Free' zone.

Tracy and Jimmy's gift inspired me even more...

Now through mid-December, I am going to extend random acts of kindness to my faraway sweet peeps who have done the same for me over the past year.

You have touched my life.

You have all made a difference.

And, I am so grateful for that.

I know how much these just-because gifts can make a difference.


From now until then...

Be on the lookout.

And, to those who have inspired me and got my attention and put things into perspective....

Thank you...

I am beyond grateful.

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