Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Nail Trim. Playtime With A Puppy. Restocking Biscuits. And, An Afternoon Nap

Out of all of our kids, Sophie is the oldest. She tends to be the most dominant. She is sweet in nature most of the time. Sophie curls up with her siblings while napping and will occasionally initiate play time. However, she has her limits. When she wants her own space, she'll curl her lip and "speak" in an authoritative tone to her brothers and sister. They're familiar with this tone. It means, "Back off. I want my own space. Don't bother me...."

Sophie loves to be outdoors in our fenced-in backyard during the warm weather months. At times, she'll go to the back door acting as if she has to go to the bathroom when, in fact, she just wants to be outdoors. Sophie loves basking in the sunlight. On the other end of the stick, she is terrified of thunderstorms and wind. She hates the rain and snow and cold.

Today, she accompanied Lisa to the veterinary hospital to restock our Bodacious Biscuit Love display and to get her nails trimmed.

Between the car ride, playing with a puppy, getting her nails trimmed, socializing, and it being overcast, the 1-hour adventure was exhausting for her.

Shortly after Lisa and Sophie arrived back home, Sophie jumped on the love seat in the home office and curled up under her favorite blanket for a long afternoon nap.

...that was after I brought her a snack.

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