Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jonah Made My Night...

For the longest time, I've seen one of our neighbor friends speedwalking past our home with a large Pittie Pup. In the past, she has purchased biscuits from us. However, I've never officially met Jonah. Lisa has during the many times she's outside doing yard work or cutting and sanding pieces for DIY Dog Mom Projects. Each time, when she gets to spend a few minutes with Johah, she excitedly tells me all about it.

Yesterday, I finally got to meet this incredible pup. His grandma was walking him. They passed by our home. Jonah stopped and wanted to see us. I let his grandma know that was more than okay. I went inside to grab a couple of biscuits. Jonah's grandma had to tie her shoe. Lisa held onto the leash while I spent time with Jonah.

What. A. Sweetheart.

Jonah sat, gave me his paw, and munched on the treats I had brought out for him. He gave me juicy kisses all over my face. Johah was so excited about all of the special attention he was getting.

I was happy and excited that I finally got to meet and spend some time with him.

He made my night.

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