Saturday, October 28, 2017

I Need To Make A Big DIY Dog Mom Sign For Our Front And Back Door

Today was an absolutely crazy day. I spent the day baking and cooking for some friends of ours who are going through a rough time. They're a married couple with 3 kids. The husband had 2 chemo treatments this week. I learned about this yesterday. Long story short, I started a meal train to get them through the next week. It was short notice, but a few of our friends donated funds to buy ingredients and baked a couple of casseroles. Our plans are to cook and bake all day and deliver the food tomorrow.
Earlier this morning, Lisa went to the store to buy the ingredients. I made homemade stew. chicken pot pie, chicken soup, bread, and dessert. Between what we made and the casseroles, they'll have enough meals to get them through next week.

During the peak of cooking and baking, Lisa accompanied our neighbor friend to Home Depot. A minute or so after they returned, there was a knock at the door. I asked who it was, but couldn't their reply.


The kids.

They were all at my feet barking while I was at the door trying to figure out who was knocking.

I asked who it was again. I still couldn't hear the reply.

I started raising my voice.

I peeked out the kitchen window. I could see Lisa and our neighbor friend unloading insulation out of the truck on the side lawn.

Was it Lisa who had knocked?

Normally, she'll text me if she's going to knock at the door.

Finally, I got Coco, Sophie, and Willa in the bedroom. I picked Lobo up and answered the door.

I only answered the door because Lisa was home along with our neighbor friend. And, they were about 4 feet from the door, unloading insulation on the side lawn.

Standing in the back hallway was our neighbor friend, June. SHe had made a small pan of her homemade mac and cheese for the family we were creating the meal train for.

I was happy to see June. I never get company during the day.

I had baked pumpkin muffins and they had just come out of the oven. I offered her one. She accepted.

By this time, Lisa was already inside. She had a muffin too.

The 3 of had a great conversation. We laughed about June having to wait outside of our door and how long it took for me to get the kids in the bedroom and open the door.

This got me to thinking.  I seriously need to make a DIY Dog Mom Project for our doors. A big sign. One that clearly states that we have 4 kids.

When you knock on our door, whether the front or the back door, all of the kids are going to bark.

I have no way of knowing who's knocking at the door.

More than likely, if I'm home alone, I will not answer the door.

If by some tiny chance, you announce who you are, and I know you, I'll definitely answer the door, but it's a process.

From the time you knock and announce yourself, it'll take about 3 minutes for me to answer the door.

It takes that long to get the kids in the bedroom or gated into separate rooms so I can answer the door without the threat of the kids sneaking outdoors.

I'm determined to make a sign.

It'll have to be a big sign.

Between now and then, if you knock on our door, please be advised about the wait.

It would be in your best interest to text us first. I try to be considerate and let people know that well in advance.

Text first.

I'll text back and let you know, "Okay, the door is opened."

Or, "We'll meet you outside..."

Either way, we'll be there.

Big. Sign.

It's on my Work at Home Dog Mom Life To-Do List...

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