Friday, October 27, 2017

Lisa Has Her Space Back In The Home Office And We're Lovin' It

On March 2nd, we adopted Willa. In the weeks to follow, we had to make a lot of changes within our household. She's a Jack Russel. With Coco, Sophie, and Lobo, we had been spoiled. They never got into much mischief or shredded fabric dolls or chewed holes in blankets. When Willa joined our family, we had to Willa-proof our home. During that process, we realized we needed to relocate Olivia, our rescue Guinea Pig, to another room that Willa didn't have access to. Willa was eating the shavings that Olivia scattered onto the floor.

At the time, Olivia had her habitat in the home office. Shortly after, I spent the day moving her habitat into the biscuit/craft room. Prior the making that decision, Lisa decided that she didn't use her office desk enough to justify taking up one end of the home office. While Lisa was at work, I rearranged a lot of furniture.

I hated moving Lisa's desk out of the home office. When I sat at my desk the following day, I was sad. That had been her space. There were many afternoons and evenings when I sat at my desk while she sat at hers. Even though we were doing different things on our laptops, at least we were in the same room together.

In the months to follow, I continued to have that pang of sadness. Lisa very seldom used her laptop. She used her tablet more often. If I was in the office working, she sat on the sofa with the kids or at the kitchen table with her laptop. Each time, when she used her laptop, she would ask, "Where should I put my laptop so it's not in the way..."

When she asked me that, it broke my heart...

Earlier this week, Lisa was having a bad day. I was having a bad day. When this happens, we bicker. Then, we sit and talk about it.

During our conversation, Lisa made a comment that got me thinking.

She doesn't have her own space around here.

If she wants to go online, she sits at the table on her laptop or tablet. Or, on the sofa on her tablet. Or on the bed with her tablet.

But, her tablet and laptop don't have a home.

Which translates to Lisa not having her own space. The space she used to have with her desk in the home office.

Where she could go and sit and have coffee and a snack and go online and, when done, walk away without having to worry about putting stuff away.

Our conversation stuck in my brain. I wanted to do something about it.

On the overnight, I came up with a plan. The following day, I was going to rearrange furniture and such to give Lisa back her office space. It wouldn't be easy, but I was determined.

That morning, when she left for work and tucked me in, I didn't mention my plans. It was going to be a surprise.

I dozed for a couple of hours, got up, had my coffee, and got started.

I moved furniture. Got the fall cleaning done for both the living room and the home office.

When Lisa called at lunch, I told her that I had a big surprise for her when she got home. I gave her 3 guesses. She wasn't even close.

By the time she got home, everything was done. I even cut out a big heart our of thick paper and left it on her laptop...that was on her desk in our home office.

When she got home, I met her at the door and told her to close her eyes.

I led her to the home office.

When she opened her eyes, she saw her desk and plaques hung up and the messaged heart on her desk. Her face lit up. She had a grin from ear to ear.

She gave me the biggest hug.

I knew right then and there.

Despite my broken body and aching muscles, it was worth it.

Every. Single. Bit. Of. Effort.

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