Tuesday, September 19, 2017

There Is Going To Come A Time When There Is No More Time

When we first moved into our home over 5 years ago, I was climbing up the corporate ladder and making a name for myself. During this time, I had a horrible habit of not slowing down. I'd be so focused on what I was doing that I wasn't able to be fully in the moment. I wasn't present. Too often I'd say, "not now" or "in a minute." That minute turned into 30 minutes or an hour.

Now, that's not the case. Sure, my life is crazy busy. I have deadlines. There's a list of stuff I need to get done in a day's time. My to-do list is lengthy. There are not enough hours in the day. But, now, I make time. I don't rely on my state of busy as an excuse.

I've lost count how many times I've been writing a paragraph, been in the middle of rolling biscuit dough, or vacuuming and I've completely stopped what I'm doing because a moment is happening. It could be as simple as looking up and seeing one or more of our kids on the sofa and it's a perfect photo opportunity. Or maybe, Lisa sends me a text from outside because a hawk is flying low. Each time, I stop. I ground myself. I'm present.

We need to do this more often. You. Me. Lisa. All of us. 

One thing I've noticed as I've gotten older is that time goes by so quick. It's almost October.


Wasn't it just yesterday that we were buying our Spring and Summer flowers and putting the air conditioners in the windows?

Time is going by so quickly.

We're getting older. Our kids are getting older.

It's inevitable that we're going to arrive at those heartbreaking moments when there isn't much time. Those moments when we'd do anything for another day or week.

I don't want to my brain to be flooded with thoughts of, "I wish I would have taken the time to..."

It's so easy to accumulate those thoughts. Too easy. We're all guilty of that.

It's not too late to do something about that. Start today. Right now.

When your human kid tugs on your sleeve to get your attention, drop what you're doing and give them your attention.

When your spouse yells, "Honey, come here. I have something to show you" from another room, drop what you're doing and go to them.

When your furry kid is on the sofa looking at you, tail wagging, take a few minutes to give them some lovin' and a kiss.

Play that extra game of fetch.

Sit on the front porch a little longer and enjoy the view.

There's going to come a time when there is no more time. And, you'll wish you had more.

Be in the moment. Be present.

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