Monday, September 18, 2017

Thank You, David. You Made My Day.

A little over 3 years ago, a friend of ours asked if they could purchase some biscuit love for a friend of theirs out of state. We said yes. About a week later, this gentleman sent a video of his box o' biscuits. We were overjoyed. I sent him a friend request. He accepted. Since then, we've had friendly exchanges via Facebook. He and I have a standing joke about my dislike of spiders.

A short while ago, he requested our address. He was out and about and purchased something that he wanted to send me. I sent him my address and today, his package was delivered to our doorstep.

As quoted from my personal Facebook page...

"I want to thank my friend, David, for the ONLY spider that I deem tolerable. You made my day, sweet friend. This squishy bundle of love will be a year-round decorative piece in our home office. Hugs and love, handsome man!! We love you!"

I found the perfect spot on my desk for this adorable spider.

It makes me smile.

It's a reminder that there are good people in this world. Some I know personally. Other's, like David, I've never met in person.

This spider, to everyone else, may just be a simple, plush spider, but to me, it represents so much more.

Thank you again, David. You made my day.

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