Thursday, September 7, 2017

My Doggy Themed Wood Pumpkins Are Almost Done!

On Monday, Lisa was outside replanting rose bushes that a neighbor friend gave us. We had just finished making a DIY Doggy Bed for our kids the day before. During the process of straightening out the biscuit/craft room, I went through the totes of wood. I noticed quite a few square and rectangular pieces. The pieces weren't big enough to make decorative plaques or leash/pup apparel holders. I put them aside. At the bottom of the totes, I also discovered 2 dowel sized pieces of wood. One round. The other square. I'm not sure why pumpkins instantly came to mind, but they did.

Doggy themed wood pumpkins. Yes. I could do this. 

For this to happen, I needed Lisa to cut the 2 dowels down to size. I hated asking her. She had been digging holes and handling large rose bushes all afternoon. After describing my creative vision, she was more than happy to grab her power tools.

"You've never made any Fall or Halloween stuff. The pumpkins will be great. They'll definitely sell."

I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday painting the 10 pumpkins and adding decorative bones and lettering. That process takes a lot of time because I have to wait for the paint to dry with each coat. While I was waiting, I caught up on some work stuff, baked pumpkin muffins, did housework, and enjoyed playtime with the kids.

Today, I finished the lettering and added some decorative touches on the painted bones. After the paint dried, I painted the bottom of the stems and glued them on.

Almost done...

Tomorrow is the big day. I can finish painting the stems, give the pumpkins a generous coat of satin finish, add the twine bows to the stems and...SELL!

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