Friday, September 8, 2017

The Doggy Themed Wood Pumpkins Sold Out...

On Monday, while straightening out the biscuit/craft room and taking inventory of our wood pieces, I discovered some smaller square and rectangle shapes. I also found a couple of medium length dowels. The first thing that came to mind was pumpkins. Wooden pumpkins. Doggy themed wooden pumpkins. My brain kept throwing out ideas and presenting mental visuals. I put the wood aside. Lisa cut the dowels down to size. The following day, our kitchen table was covered with 10 soon-to-be doggy themed wooden pumpkins.

Today was the big day. All of the pumpkins were finished. I spent the early morning coating them with a satin finish and tying the twine on the stems. I instantly fell in love with the finished product and I was glad that I had gone with the slightly distressed appearance. The twine on the stems pulled it all together.

This afternoon, I took photos and posted them. Shortly after Lisa got home from work, they sold out.


As each pumpkin sold, I updated my post with a bold yellow "sold" on the ones that were no longer available.

Both of us were a bit shocked. I didn't expect all 10 of them to sell out within a few hours. Lisa suggested I make more. She was more than willing to cut bigger pieces of wood down to size.

"No thank you. I have another seasonal DIY Dog Mom Project that I'm starting on Sunday. It's fabric."

"Well, if you change your mind, let me know..."

"I will."

What I didn't tell Lisa was that I have something up my sleeve if time permits. I've got a piece of wood that if cut in half, would make 2 more pumpkins. I've got 2 dowel stems left. I'm thinking about making 2 pumpkins. Each of the pumpkins would be included in 2 Halloween Doggy Bundles that I'd offer the last week of September.

Stay tuned...

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