Friday, July 28, 2017

I'll Take Overcast And Cool Over Sunny, Hot, And Humid.

Today is backyard anniversary party prep day. It's been quite the week. On Tuesday we rescheduled the party from Friday to Saturday because of Mother Nature. Wednesday, Lisa make an emergency trip to her doctor and discovered she was infected with Lyme Disease for the second time over the past year. Yesterday, the stress of it all got the best of me and I was almost ready to call off the party. However, Lisa and I had a moment when we stood in the home office doorway and had a good laugh...compliments of Willa. She had made the hole bigger in our love seat and pulled out enough stuffing to make her version of a DIY doggy bed.

A lot of dog parents would have been angry by this behavior, but for us, it was a turning point. 

We spent most of the morning and afternoon prepping for the backyard anniversary party. We diced and sliced and chopped and cooked. We took our time. I cracked open a bottle of wine. Lisa picked up the Summer meat bundle and the balloons we ordered yesterday.

I also checked the weather like a sane person. It looks like the Nor'Easter is going to stay south of us. It will be overcast, cool, and there's only a 5% chance of rain early in the morning.

The biggest stress factor today was a number of people who sent me a private message regarding today's weather in comparison to what tomorrow's weather will be.

"Do you regret rescheduling the party?"

"It turned out to be a gorgeous day today. You should have had the party today."

"Tomorrow is going to be overcast and cold. A far cry from today."

"I wish you wouldn't have rescheduled the party. Today would've been the perfect day to have it."

I replied back to all of the messages with pretty much the same response...

We have no regrets with our decision to reschedule. Even though the forecast changed drastically since then, rescheduling was a blessing in disguise. Lisa was diagnosed with round 2 of Lyme Disease on Wednesday. One of the medications she's on makes her highly sensitive to the sun and heat. Today would have been too hot and miserable for her. Tomorrow is looking to be a great day for a backyard party. Very little, if any, sun and much cooler temperatures. 

I meant every word of my response.

No regrets.

Lisa would've  had a difficult time functioning today. We also have another guest attending who can't be out in the sunlight.

The universe did a little shimmy shake at some point during the beginning of the week. Although it didn't make much sense and things got stressful, it all worked out.

Tomorrow is the big day.

We've got this.

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