Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Seriously, Mother Nature?!?!

I know I posted this photo a couple of days ago when I published a blog column about our upcoming backyard anniversary party. At the time, we had scheduled our party on Friday. It's kind of an odd day to plan a party, but it's the middle of the Summer season. People usually have plans on the weekend. We figured Friday would be the better day. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is giving us a bit of trouble and today, we had to reschedule the party for Saturday, July 29th.

I know, it's only Tuesday. We live in New England. The weather can, and probably will change at least 25 times before Friday. However, there's an odd weather pattern that will be hitting us at the end of the week. One of my weather sites says this weather pattern usually happens during the winter months.

In short, it's a Nor'Easter mixed with an odd jet stream and a few other factors. 

As of now, Friday is supposed to be a washout. Our home is too small to entertain 30 people. And, we need to consider our live entertainment.

Saturday is going to be partly sunny, cool, and no rain.

After reading the latest information about this oddball weather event, and the updates, Lisa and I made the decision to reschedule.

Shortly after that conversation, I sent messages to everyone who was invited. A few people said they weren't able to make it on Saturday.

For now, I feel confident about our decision to reschedule, but we're definitely keeping our fingers and paws crossed that Saturday will be dry. We don't care if it's overcast or cool. We just want the absence of rain.

Inhale. Exhale. 

Oh, please Mother Nature...be good to us.

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