Thursday, July 27, 2017

Willa's Version Of A DIY Doggy Bed And How It Relieved My Stress

In July of 2015, we inherited a rocking recliner love seat from our Grammy who had recently passed away. The home office is one of the largest rooms in our home. It made sense to put it in there. The day Lisa brought the love seat home, we spent the rest of the day converting the home office into a combination second living room/home office.

The love seat is in great condition although it's an older model. Unbeknownst to us, there was a tiny hole between the back rest cushions. We didn't discover this until recently when Willa started pulling out a little bit of stuffing. Lisa and I were baffled.

"Where is this stuffing coming from?"

We examined the love seat and found nothing. In the days to follow, we kept finding tiny wads of stuffing on the love seat and floor. The tiny wads turned into a lot of larger wads. Last week Lisa and I finally found the hole between the 2 cushions. As a temporary solution, we draped a doggy throw blanket over the back of the love seat and tucked it in.

Today, after prepping and eating dinner, Lisa discovered this scene in the home office. Willa had pulled our temporary fix down, pulled out a ton of stuffing, made herself a little doggy bed, and fell asleep. Lisa called me over to the home office doorway.

We both stood there and giggled. Willa lifted her head. Wagged her tail. Then, she put her head down and continued to nap. She didn't budge even when I grabbed the camera and snapped a few photos.

I needed this moment. The giggles. The cuteness. A reminder that our life is Wabi Sabi. The tiny hole that got bigger and bigger.

It describes what this week has been like. Today, prior to the moment when I snapped this photo, I was on the verge of throwing my hands up and calling off our backyard anniversary party.

Yep, it's been that stressful.

Since rescheduling the party from Friday to Saturday, Mother Nature has been throwing us curve balls with both hands. The weather forecast for Saturday has changed at least 321 times.

Gotta love New England. 

As it stands right now, Friday is going to be a beautiful sunny day with no chance of rain except for the slim chance of a pop-up thunderstorm. The Nor'Easter that's brewing will bring rain into our area Saturday morning. There's a 60% chance of rain.

My obsession with the weather and the latest updates has bordered downright crazy. Lisa made several comments about my recent weather obsession.

"We live in New England, sweetie. The weather prediction for Saturday has changed 321 times since Tuesday. It will probably change at least 112 more times between now and Saturday. It is what it is. Whatever happens, happens. Look what happened on the day of our wedding."

She was right. I needed to ease up. I don't remember being this obsessed with the weather for our wedding day.

Our wedding day was gorgeous and sunny, but towards early evening, the skies darkened and opened up. We had torrential downpours for about an hour. No one complained. No one cared."

My concern is that we have live entertainment and he'll be set up outside. However, if it does rain in the morning and the grass is too wet, we have a plan B to have him set up on the front porch and move the party to the front yard.

My other concern is that we don't have space for 30 people to hang out inside. I also do not want 30 people in our home. It's too many and it would stress our kids out.

As I stood in the doorway of our home office and saw Willa in all of her love-seat-stuffing-doggy-bed-glory, I exhaled. I let go of the stress that's been weighing me down.

I no longer care about the weather. We have a plan B. We have canopies. Wet grass is harmless.

I'm not going to stress over food and food prep. We went shopping for all of the food today. Most everyone has volunteered to bring a side dish, appetizer, or dessert. We'll have plenty of food. I only have to make a few things.

I am not going to strive for perfection. Everyone in this house embraces Wabi Sabi. The best and most memorable moments are the ones that go not-as-planned.

There are a few people attending who I've never met. I will do my best not to care about first impressions or their opinion of us and our home.

Our kids teach us valuable lessons every day. Today, Willa gave me that moment. 

Much needed.

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