Monday, June 12, 2017

In My Work At Home Dog Mom Life, The 3 Things That Happened Today Are A Big Deal

Today, a few much needed things happened. While these happenings may be irrelevant or petty to most, as a work at home Dog Mom, and someone who doesn't get out often, these things made an impact throughout my day. Brought me joy. Lifted my spirits. Eliminated an issue that's been plaguing us for several years. Got my brain and nerdy girl side excited. Motivated me. Deepened connections. And, piqued my interest.

The first, I made a big decision. Prior to today, I had been tossing around 2 solutions for an issue that's been on the table for a few years...more so, over the past year. You can update yourself on that here.

The first solution would have made life easier all the way around for others, but the current problem would have continued on my end. This solution would be equivalent to "speaking in a voice that caters to the masses."

The second solution works for me in every way possible and eliminates my stress and the waiting. And, it's what every retailer on the face of this planet adheres to.

I was on the verge of opting for the first solution, but my voice of reason, and Lisa's advice, swayed me from going down that path.

I've chosen the second solution.

From this day on, when people order biscuits or grab a DIY Dog Mom Project that's for sale, the only method of payment available will be cash or PayPal.

I need to put my foot down. It's okay to put my foot down. We've been stiffed too many times. We've waited weeks for payment too many times.

Lisa's voice of reason was, "If any of these people didn't get a paycheck on payday, they'd be pissed. They'd take action. Why? Because they worked for the money owed to them. They depended on the money owed to them. The same holds true for what we do. We depend on those funds every week to cover the cost of ingredients, supplies, and shipping costs, etc."

She was right.

The second, I made one of the best Cuban Highballs (aka Mojitos) ever. In order to understand my excitement surrounding this, you need to know 1 thing.

I don't like pre-made drink mixes.

The only drinks, aside from wine, that I like are Margaritas, Cuban Highballs, and my famous Happy Punch.

I nailed my Happy Punch years ago.

I learned how to make homemade Margaritas years ago.

A couple of years ago, I tried my hand at Cuban Highballs. The result was...meh.

Last year, I got closer and closer to the perfect recipe, but didn't quite get there.

Earlier this year, I did a little research.

I learned that making the "perfect" drink, without the help of pre-made mixes, requires a lot of effort. For me, where I only indulge in these drinks a few times a month, it was worth it.

Earlier today, I put in the effort. It was worth it. I nailed it.

Happy Dance!

The third, and last, I accepted a temporary job with a former client.

The work I have to do for this client veers far off the path of my usual work stuff. More accurately, it's worlds away.

I like taking on this type of work once in a while.

It challenges me. Exercises my brain. Keeps me focused. Breaks any type of writer's block that I've been experiencing recently. It requires a lot of reading, which is one of my favorite things to do, but I very seldom have time for leisurely reading.

Work like this forces me to put time aside to read.

It also puts me in touch with intelligent people who psychoanalyze my work and dole out constructive criticism accordingly.

I need that.

My "editor" seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth and I haven't received feedback or anything related for a few months.

In my work at home Dog Mom world, it was a fantastic day all the way around.

A decision was made that will make our life easier and eliminate undo stress.

If the feedback from that decision is too harsh, I'll sip a Cuban Highball to alleviate the jabs or, I'll read some of the required reading material for my temporary job.

*raises glass*

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