Friday, June 23, 2017

If You Forgot The Wine, Go Home...

We've lived in our home for almost 5 years. Throughout those years, people have occasionally left stuff on our front porch. When we hosted our Bodacious Yard & Bake Sales, people would leave donations on the front porch in the weeks before the yard sale. A woman who used to live down the street would drop off plants and other treats from her gardens. Last year, our sweet Juney Babes left a tub of our favorite soft mints. Char will leave magazines and coupons on one of the chairs. Today, I went on the front porch and saw this.

I've seen this doormat posted on Facebook a lot. I love it. It's been on my if-I-ever-see-this-in-a-store-I-am-buying-it list. So far, I haven't seen one in any stores we've frequented. But, there it was today.

I was on the phone with Lisa. She calls me every day during her lunch. We were in the middle of a discussion about our morning. When I stepped outside, I noticed this doormat at our door.

I burst out laughing right in the middle of Lisa telling me about her workday.

"What is so funny?"

I felt bad for interrupting her. She'd had a stressful day. I was being rude, but I couldn't help myself.

I told her about the doormat.

"Do you know who put it there?"


I honestly didn't, but I had a few ideas of who it might be.

After our phone call ended, I sent a text to a few of our neighbor friends.

Finally, an hour later, the mystery was solved.

It was Charlene.

She had seen the doormat on one of her 321 catalogs she receives in a week's time via mail.  She knows I love wine.

I couldn't thank her enough. She made my day.

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