Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Several Things Happened After Project Gotcha Day Was Finished

The day we finished Project Gotcha Day, several things happened after we put the repurposed entertainment center back in its rightful place. The first, we got rid of the old bulky chair that had been occupying quite a bit of space in the living room. Even though we liked this chair, we only used it about once a week. It was also a convenient piece to have on had when we had company and needed additional seating in the living room. But, we very seldom have company, so...

It was right up there with using the 3rd bedroom as a guest room in when we first moved in. This was before Bodacious Biscuit Love launched. Sure, it was great to have a guest room, but in almost 5 years of living here, we've had 2 overnight guests and those guests probably won't be coming back.

The second, Olivia's cage was moved to the other side of the home office. Previously, her habitat was in front of the window that's in front of my desk. Because of that, I haven't been able to open the curtains. Guinea Pigs can't be exposed to direct sunlight.

In the months since Olivia has joined our family, I've missed being able to open the curtain to look out and add to the natural light in the home office.

The third thing that happened, and it sorta blends in with the second thing, is we got rid of the wood cabinet that Olivia's cage was on and replaced it with Lisa's desk.

Towards the end of 2015, I bought Lisa a tablet for a "just because" gift. In the months to follow, she's been using the laptop on her desk less and less. The past few months, she has spent no time at her desk.

Lisa suggested we use her desk for Olivia. She'd keep her laptop in the living room and use it while lounging on the sofa or at the kitchen table.

Her desk is a lot higher than the wood cabinet. There's 2 shelves for supplies. We had 2 baskets on hand to house Olivia's bedding, treats, hay, food, etc.

And, I can open the curtains now and look out while at my desk.

This leads to the last thing...

We're currently shopping around for a larger habitat for Olivia.

Her current habitat is one we bought on a whim out of necessity. It was after 8 p.m. on the day we took Olivia in and discovered her current habitat, which was deplorable, needed to be thrown away.

Although her current habitat is adequate, it's not big enough to add piggy houses, fun stuff, or for her to get plenty of exercise.

We'll be upgrading and expanding her habitat soon.

Meanwhile, Lobo continues to have his "Adventures With Olivia" throughout the day.

Under her habitat is his favorite spot to observe.

This happens after some play and snuggle time with Olivia, a few cucumber slices and lettuce, and a bout of piggy popcorning.

Of course, when I get the vacuum out to take care of the bedding on the home office floor, Lobo runs for cover.

There's never a dull moment.

I love my afternoons with the kids...

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