Thursday, February 2, 2017

Where Are My Damn Slippers?!?!

Coco and Lobo both have peculiar habits. Coco likes to lightly chew on slippers and dirty socks. He doesn't put holes in them. It's more of a nuzzle, suckle thing. He'll pull Lisa's socks off after she gets home from work. He'll try to steal our slippers if we don't put them out of his reach. If socks and slippers aren't available, he'll resort to the throw blankets on the bed and sofa or dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. His brother, Lobo, likes to take all of the shoes and slippers from the kitchen, and move them to various areas in our home.

Lobo's shoe and slipper fetish began only a few months after he joined our family in January of 2015. At first, he'd carry a shoe or slipper only a few feet before needing to rest, but then, he gained enough strength to carry it to one of the doggy beds scattered around our home.

In the beginning, when Lobo would tire out easily after only a few feet, Coco would push a blanket to the floor for Lobo to rest on.

In the here and now, at least once a day, one of us is walking around with one slipper on while trying to find the other. Or, there's a sock or two missing from the laundry.

Meanwhile, Sophie watches from her usual spots on the sofa, bed, or love seat.

And, I know she's thinking, "My damn crazy brothers!"

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