Monday, January 16, 2017

My Schlumpy Dog Mom Makeover Is Gonna Happen. Better Late Than Never.

In November, I wrote a post fully admitting that I Could Easily Be Nominated For The Schlumpy Dog Mom Award.  At the time, I had a hair appointment the week after Thanksgiving and it was on my schedule to do a little clothes shopping. Nothing extreme. I needed to buy some jeans and cardigan style, duster sweaters.

The only pants I own are lounge pants. No joke. I'm a skirt-kind-of-gal. I could open a shop with the amount of skirts I currently own.

At the time of publishing the original post, things got busy. Really. Really. Busy. I cancelled my hair appointment. Shopping for jeans and sweaters quickly moved to the bottom of my to-do list.

About a week ago, Lisa brought it up. This time, she put her foot down...with love.

"I know things got busy towards the end of last year. I understand. However, I want you to do some shopping by the end of this month and you've got until the week before Valentine's Day to schedule and keep a hair appointment."

I had honestly forgotten about both.

"This time, when you make your hair appointment, you're not cancelling. The only exception is if there's an emergency with one of the kids. Other than that, I will hoist you over my shoulder and drag you to your appointment."


Lisa knows how schlumpy I've been feeling. She also knows how difficult it is for me to shop for myself and take time out to do something for just me. My well being is important to her.


Earlier this evening, I shopped. I've been working for online deal sites for nearly a decade so I know how to score some online deals.

Kind of like back in March when I indulged in a little online retail therapy for Lisa.

I had online coupons and a couple of exclusive coupons because we're card holders.

I ended up purchasing 2 pairs of jeans. Regular price for each pair was about $100. I scored the sale price for both. I also purchased 2 cardigan, duster style sweaters. Regular price for each sweater was over $75. Like with the jeans, I got both sweaters at sale price.

Then, I took advantage of a promotion and used a generous coupon.

Sale price for all 4 items was $179.95.

After using the promo and coupon, it knocked off $109.98.

Add tax and shipping...

My total cost for everything, including tax and shipping, was $82.87.

Purchase made!

I had that pivotal moment where I wasn't sure what I was more excited about...purchasing new clothes or saving that amount of money.

I'll be making my hair appointment in the next couple of weeks.

And, I won't cancel it.

My schlumpy Dog Mom makeover is gonna happen.

Better late than never.

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