Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Universe Did A Lil' Shimmy Shake And Now I'm Doing A Happy Dance

It's the last day of 2016. I was all prepared to write a sentimental post. There's so much negativity about 2016 being posted on Facebook. Most everyone is anxiously awaiting for 2016 to just die. Be over and done with. My reply has been almost the same, and I quote, "This year has been like any other year. It's had ups and downs, growing pains, success, trials and tribulations, heavy hearts as we lost a friend and 2 family members to illness, tears, uncontrollable laughter, stress, peace, and everything between. We've severed some ties with people we thought were friends, but we also have gained a lot of great people in our life. We've embraced it all. Got a little wiser. That's life."

This morning, as I was scrolling through my news feed and sipping coffee, I stumbled on a post written by a woman I admire. She's a Facebook friend. We've never met. There's hundreds of miles that separate us.

I skimmed her post over several times. I kept thinking, "This was written by my twin." It sounded familiar. Certain words and phrases are ones I use often. More so, it fit my sentiments exactly about New Year's Resolutions and the transition from one year to the next.

Within the hour after reading, I send her a private message asking if I could use what she had written on this blog. In quotes. Full credit given to her.

Her reply was, "Absolutely, but it's not mine to give. It's an old post, not sure if it's originally mine." She then went on and said, "I try not to take credit unless I'm sure."

I more than appreciated her honesty. I asked again if I could quote it on this blog. The answer was yes.

While working on this blog post, I copied and pasted what she had posted on her wall.

"I'll be the first to admit, I have a love hate relationship with New Years Eve and the whole "resolution" thing. It amuses me to think that so many are under the assumption that tomorrow brings a "clean slate" or "a new beginning" or "a blank 365 page book to fill." Maybe this outlook comes with age. Go ahead, point your finger at me and call me grim or a "fun sucker." I'm old enough to know my views are simply from experience. I walk the path of unpopular and gravitate towards what I deem as realistic.

For me, the transition from 2016 to 2017 translates to several things. I'm older. Wiser. I'm not in the same place as I was a year ago nor am I the same person. Each year I've lived, all 71 of them, doles out different experiences, trials and tribulations, emotional roller coasters, and situations that I'm forced to encounter. People have come and gone. I've made mistakes. Some once. Others twice. Regardless, this contributes to where I am in the here and now.

I have no resolutions for 2017. And, that's okay. I'm not going to wake up tomorrow a different person than I am today. What I can do is take everything that's happened in 2016 and learn from it. Put things in perspective. Confront the negative a bit stronger this time around. Hold my head a little higher. Sever ties with toxic people without hesitation. Make a deeper imprint on this crazy world we live in. Make every single day count. Spread more biscuit love than we did in 2016. Surprise myself. Write more freely. Be slightly more confident in my decisions. Publish a book. Speak louder. Etc.

All any of us has, right NOW, is THIS moment. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Neither is 12 hours from now. Make THIS moment count. Leave your mark. Let the fire in you burn brighter and stronger than the fire around you. Embrace your madness and chaos. Create something beautiful. Just. Be. You. Walk the path you're meant to be on...not the one others have paved for you. And, more so, be kind to one another...."

Because I was posting it on this blog site, I wanted to go over it with a fine toothed comb. Read word for word instead of skim.

That's when I spotted it.

"Spread more biscuit love than we did in 2016."

I came to a complete halt on my proverbial tracks.

Biscuit love?

The mystery was solved. This piece sounded familiar and was identical to my thoughts about New Year's Resolutions because I was the original author.

I took a screenshot, circled that sentence and sent it back to her. It was determined that I had written this piece 2 years ago. She had simply updated it.

At this point, you're probably thinking I was pissed off and pacing around the house belting out obscenities.

There's a lot of writers out there who would have jumped on the lawsuit bandwagon and sent a formal letter about copyrights and plagiarism.

However, that didn't happen.

You know what happened?

I sent her a private message and asked, "I've got the craziest question for you."

A minute or so later, she replied, "OK, what is it?"

I asked if she wanted to be my personal, informal editor.

I need someone to read my blog posts and give me honest feedback without the fear of hurting my feelings. There's a certain tone and direction I want for this blog and the Bodacious Biscuit Love Blog.

Right now, I don't have that. I'm on my own. I write, edit, and publish all of the blog posts.

Lisa hates to read. She's not a writer. That's okay. 

I need a set of fresh eyes to make sure I stay on the right path, that I'm speaking in my voice and not writing for the masses.

I need someone who won't be afraid to say, "Lisa, your posts have been sucking lately. What the Big-F is up?"

I don't want sugar coating. I don't want to chase someone as they beat around the bush.

I sat back in my chair before asking her my crazy question.

I stood on the outside and looked in.

The universe shifts. Lil' shimmy shakes.

With that comes change. Perspective. The discovery of something where you'd least expect it.

After all was said and done, and we exchanged more messages, it's official.

I have a personal editor for my blogs and book.

Someone I trust.

Someone who loves to read.

Someone who is wise beyond my years.

Someone who is very honest.

Someone who won't be afraid to tell me when I totally suck.

Someone with a candid tongue like mine.

I just did one of the biggest happiest dances EVER!

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