Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I'm Up To 8 Reasons Why I Despise Black Friday

From as early back as I can remember, Thanksgiving was always spent with my mother's parents. On Thanksgiving day, they'd arrive late morning. By then, the table was set, the inside of the house smelled incredibly delicious, and wine glasses were filled. After a scrumptious dinner, we'd sit at the table and chat. Later in the day, dessert was served. That evening, we'd watch a funny movie and eat munchies while my parents and grandparents sipped adult beverages.

The following morning, my Grampie was up at the crack of dawn. He'd walk down to the Dunkin' Donuts at the end of our street and buy coffee and donuts. After we got our fill, my mom and Grammy would go shopping. Once or twice I was allowed to go. It all depended on what "Santa" was going to purchase that day or if Grammy was buying gifts for us grandchildren.

The years I was allowed to go, it was magical. The malls and plazas were crowded and decorated with Christmas lights and decor. Santa was available for photos. There was no shortage of holiday spirit. My Grammy would let me pick out a little treat. And, we'd always stop at the chocolate shop.

Fast forward to my early 20's, I went to one store to grab a doorbuster deal. I was walking through the parking lot and was almost hit by a speeding car. That's the last time I went out on Black Friday.

Over the years, I've grown to despise Black Friday. Here's why...

1. People get scary crazy. We're living in the digital age and there's no shortage of Black Friday videos the day of and in the days to follow. I've watched videos of people stampeding through the store and pushing others down, attacking store associates, fights breaking out in line, etc. Sadly, there have been numerous deaths from these incidents.

2. There's no Christmas magic. The malls and stores are decked out with holiday decorations. Christmas music is playing on the overhead. Santa may or may not be there for photos. All of that is ruined when stores are packed like sardines, people are arguing in line, and you're trying to avoid being run over by harried shoppers.

3. Black Friday is treated like a holiday. People talk about Black Friday as if it was a holiday. It's not. Black Friday is the day after an actual holiday.

4. Remember Thanksgiving? There's a meme that circulates right around this time of year. It states, "Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have."

5. Most of the deals aren't that great. I've been an online shopper for about a decade. I've also worked for several deal and coupon sites. Aside from the "limited quantity" and doorbuster deals, a lot of the merchandise is simply on sale. I've seen the same deals, sometimes better deals, before Black Friday and in December. People make such a big deal about Black Friday deals that they forget to check the sales before and after.

6. Retailers are milking it. In the past 5 years or so, retailers have started offering Pre-Black Friday Sales, 3-Day Black Friday Sales, Black Friday Extended Sales, Black Friday in July Sales, etc.

7. Customers are buying a lot of what they don't need. The other day we received the Black Friday ad from Kohl's They're having a lot of great deals on Black Friday. Top that off with coupons and Kohl's Cash, and the savings would be phenomenal. However, there's a big difference between purchasing what you need or want and buying something only because it's 85% off. I'm guilty of buying something I may or may not like or need because it was 80% - 90% off.

8. Sip and Shop. Hypothetically speaking, if I had to shop on Black Friday, I would need a copious amount of wine. I can't deal with overcrowded stores, customers that are out of control, grumpy sales associates, long lines, inconsiderate shoppers, people who park their carts in the middle of the aisles, and having to step over merchandise on the floor because people suck. I'm guessing it would be frowned upon if sipped out of a big bottle of wine. Or, had a box o' wine in the cart to keep my sippy cup filled.

Do you like or despise Black Friday? Feed me some juicy stories!

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