Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm Done With Store Bought Pup Apparel

Earlier today, one of our neighbor friends sent me a private message on Facebook. She purchased a snowman costume for her fur-kid. It was too small. Did we want it? Of course, I said yes. Her fur-kid is 17 pounds. I figured it would fit Sophie (14 pounds) and Lobo (9 pounds). In our collection of Christmas apparel for the kids, we didn't have a snowman costume yet. A half hour later, she ran over to deliver the costume.

After dinner, I attempted to put the costume on Sophie. The costume was much too small. I put the costume on Lobo. It fit him, but it was a snug fit.

Out of curiosity, I looked at the tag. I almost certain it was a small, but I was wrong. The snowman dog costume is a medium.


I've shopped around for pup apparel enough times to know sizes tend to run a little off. However, this was way off. According to the Dog Clothes Sizing Chart at Petco, a medium should almost fit Coco, fit Sophie, and be a little big on Lobo. We have several Christmas outfits that are a size medium and that seems about right.

This is one of the many issues we have when choosing apparel for our kids. It's frustrating. A couple of years ago we bought Coco, a Jack Russell mix who weighs about 38 pounds, a winter jacket. The medium looked much too small. We bought a large. It just fits him. A few weeks ago, we bought him a new jacket. Size large. It's too big for him.

Our lil' Sophie is a Chihuahua mix. A small is too small. A medium fits okay, but it's never long enough. We bought her a new jacket as well. It's a few inches too short.

Lobo, a Miniature Pomeranian, should fit into a small, but most times a small fits snug. A medium is too big. We're not able to buy him full body apparel because he's 3-legged.

It's frustrating all the way around. Apparel for the kids isn't cheap. We never return an item if it doesn't fit. The apparel makes its way to our biscuit room on one of the shelves, or more recently our Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin, and we save it for pups in need.

When we discovered Coco's winter jacket was too big for him a few weeks ago, I told Lisa, "This is it. I'm done with store bought apparel."

I've been shopping around for a new sewing machine and have narrowed down the search to 3 models. Next week, I'm making a decision.

After that, I'm making apparel for our kids.

They'll finally have apparel that fits to their bodies.

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