Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Struggle To Get Photos Of Our Daughter Is Real

Our lil' Sophie does not like the camera. And, she knows when I try to sneak in a photo with my phone. She'll turn away. Give me THE LOOK. Now, she's making it quite clear when she doesn't want her photo taken.

This happened the other day. Sophie decided to keep me company this morning in the home office. She was curled up in her blankets. I wanted to take a few photos. When she heard me unzip the camera case, THIS happened. Yep. She's still there. Under the blankets. I guess she wasn't in the mood for a mini photo session.

About an hour later, and a lil' biscuit bribe, she peeked her head out.

"Really, Mommy? You had to post a photo of me under the blankets earlier? Fine. FINE! I'll make a brief appearance for a photo. Sheeeeeeeeeesh. You owe me an extra cookie for this...."

The struggle to get photos of our daughter is real.

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