Monday, October 17, 2016

Our Kids Just Knew. They Did.

Lisa got a phone call from Mom today. Her Grammy isn't doing well. Grammy's health has been deteriorating slowly for about a year now. However, within the past 24 hours, things had spiraled downward. Quickly. There is slim chance she'll come out of it, but things aren't looking as if they'll veer in that direction. There was a sense of urgency in Mom's voice.

The same thing had happened to my Grammy last summer. And, my Grandpa. And, 3 of our very dear friends. Lisa and I knew it wouldn't be long.

The kids knew Lisa was sad.

When she arrived home from work, they were glued to her side more so than usual. Out of all 3 kids, Coco is the most sensitive to our emotions.

He always has been.

Coco is sensitive to change. He's sensitive to most everything. He doesn't like raised voices or too much commotion amid a crowd. If we're watching TV and there's yelling or fighting, he barks.

If I'm sad, he'll lay across my lap. If I'm crying, he'll lick my face incessantly. If I'm overtired, he'll nudge my face and make one of his many sweet noises.

Sophie and Lobo are sensitive too, but not nearly as much as Coco.

When Lisa gets home from work, she sits on the sofa or love seat with all 3 kids. The kids miss her. Shortly after, we give them snacks.

Coco always waits for Sophie and Lobo to get their afternoon-Mommy-is-home-lovin'.

Not today.

He jumped on her lap, put a paw on each of her shoulders, and gave Lisa lots of juicy kisses.

Sophie and Lobo sat there observing quietly. They knew.

They respected his need to be the first one to greet Lisa today and sit on her lap.

I'm always astonished and intrigued by our kid's ability to communicate and ability to just know.

They speak in a language us humans will never understand.

As the evening rolled along, the kids were quieter than usual.

They weren't rambunctious periodically throughout the evening.

They sat with Lisa.

All 3 kids snuggled together in order to be as close to her as they could.

They. Just. Knew.

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