Friday, October 14, 2016

The Kids Have Decided To Change Their Morning Routine. Okay. No Problem.

About 95% of the baked goods I make are BOTH human and pup friendly. However, after this week...I needed to make THESE. Double chocolate espresso chunk cookies. A couple of these, accompanied with STRONG java, kept my brain active, booted writer's block, and gave me multiple second winds. Yep. Much needed after only about 12 hours of sleep since Monday. The babies gave me dirty looks because I couldn't share, but...sometimes THIS work at home Dog Mom has to do what she has to do.
I'm exhausted. Very. Very. Exhausted.

For the past month, more so in the past two weeks, the kids have decided to change their morning routine. 

All 3 kids have decided to randomly bark at about 6:48 in the morning.

Coco has decided to change his usual morning spot on the bed from horizontal to vertical.

Lobo no longer falls asleep curled up in his blanket. He will no longer settle down unless he's curled up against me and part of his body is mashed up against Coco's.

Sophie sleeps up against my legs. She now changes positions every time I do. 

In fact, all 3 of the kids change positions when I do. It takes them forever to find that special snuggle spot. I wait. Once they're situated, I cover them up with their favorite blankets. 

Then, between 8 and 9 in the morning, Lobo jumps off the bed, goes to the door, and speaks. Loud. He wants out. 

I stumble out of bed. Open the door. 

He rushes to the gate separating the kitchen from the living room. 

I open the gate. 

He sits by the sofa. Speaking. 

"Mommy. Lift me onto the sofa. This is where I want to sleep."

I comply.

Meanwhile, my coffee is brewing.

I open the home office door. 

Within a minute or two, I hear Sophie making her way into the home office. She jumps on the love seat. Curls up into a ball. I cover her up. 

Seconds later, I can hear Coco, in the bedroom, doing a half bark. That translates to, "Mom, lift the blankets so I can get under."

I comply.

After 30 minutes or so, all of the kids are where they want to be.

I'm sitting at the desk. Still half asleep. Sipping coffee.

Another day of functioning on 2-3 hours of sleep.

I've got this. 

Being a work at home Dog Mom isn't easy.

But, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sleep deprivation and all...

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