Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Respect Our Kid's Space And Preferences From Behind The Lens

I adore the month of October. For the past few years I've been determined to get super cute photos of the kids posing beside pumpkins or dressed in Halloween costumes. Or, at the very least, standing in the middle of a tiny leaf pile. Last year I decorated pumpkins with paw prints. We have a small collection of costumes for the kids. And, we have several Halloween themed pup hoodies. All the props are there. However, the willingness to participate from 2 of our kids are not.

This was Coco's attitude last week or the week before. It was a gorgeous Fall afternoon. the perfect setting to snap a few photos. Nope.

Today, I told Coco it was almost time to take Halloween costume photos. THIS was his response. I got THE LOOK. My frequent use of the F-Bomb has obviously rubbed off on our babies.

That's my boy! I'm a proud Dog Mama!

Sophie hasn't been too cooperative either. She has no interest in posing beside of a pumpkin or showing off her new winter coat. Or, wearing her Halloween costume. She'll peek her head our from the blankets to let me know.

Or, she'll do this when she hears the zipper to my camera case. I find it both adorable and frustrating.

On the other end of the stick, we do have one kid, our youngest, who loves to be in front of the lens.


He'll wear costumes and apparel. Lisa stands behind me with a biscuit in hand. That's all it takes.

Or sometimes, when he's in a goofy mood, he'll sit still for a few photos even after Lisa puts a sock on his head.

As a Dog Mom who loves to take photos, this is a challenge for me. I don't force our kids into apparel or costumes. Nor do I force them to pose or sit still.

I do my best to post equal amounts of photos. A few of Coco. A few of Sophie. A few of Lobo.


I don't always get equal amounts of photos per week because I am unable to get all of our kids in costumes or apparel or sitting beside of a pumpkin.

The reason, as mentioned, is because Coco and Sophie don't like photo sessions.

Lobo does.

And, that's okay.

I need to shake the feeling off that if I post more of Lobo than Coco and Sophie, I'm favoring one kid more than the others.

I have a hard time with that.

I tend to assume people will think, "She took Halloween photos of Lobo, but not Coco and Sophie. She must love Lobo more."

That's not the case. Not at all.

I simply respect our kid's limits. Their preferences.

Most of the time, Coco runs into the other room when I hold up pup apparel. I'm not going to chase after him and wrestle it on him for the sole purpose of snapping a few photos.

Sophie isn't so dramatic. She just gives me THE LOOK or hides.

Sometimes, they don't mind apparel and they're more than willing to wear it. However, those moments are far and few between and days or weeks after I need the photo.

One year, Coco didn't mind wearing his Halloween costume for a few minutes. Unfortunately, it was 3 weeks after Halloween.

I need to stop being so hard on myself.

If I get 50 photos of Lobo in apparel and costumes and none of Coco and Sophie, that's okay.

That doesn't mean I love one more than the others.

That doesn't mean Lobo is my favorite.

It just means I respect our kid's space, preferences, and I capture moments from behind the lens when they're ready.

It may take days or weeks.

That's. Okay.

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