Monday, September 19, 2016

The Kids Enjoyed A Rainy Day. So Did I.

There's only a few days of the Summer season left. Today, for the first time all Summer, I wasn't able to open the curtains and rely on natural light. When I got up this morning, it was dark. I had to turn on lights throughout our home. That continued throughout the rest of the morning and afternoon hours. It rained all day. A good, hard rain. We needed it. Bad.

There were a few distant rumbles of thunder throughout the day as well.

Last winter, we had very little snow. Over the Summer, we had very little rain. By mid-summer, they had declared a drought. Gardens didn't do well. Those who mowed their lawns too low ended up with dried up, brown lawns. Our neighbor friend, who provides us with most of our Summer produce, told us there would be no pumpkins this year.

It sucked. I feel guilty saying that because I know there are areas who are suffering a lot more than we are.


For our area, it was considered bad.

While I hate having to turn on the lights during the daytime hours, I didn't mind today.

Even with all of the windows closed, I can hear the rain pounding the pavement.

Our kids are enjoying it too.

They're all curled up under their blankets.

I got THE LOOK when attempting to take photos.

Bring it on, Mother Nature.

Our portion of the Earth needs a good drink.

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