Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Pie. Corn On The Cob. Brownie Sundaes.

It's midway through Lisa's vacation. How am I doing? One more sip. One more paragraph. Or two. A song or six. Sip. Another paragraph. Break out the rolling pin. A poof of flour. Dough. Roll. Poof! Pie crust. Floury hand prints on my shirt and skirt. What that translates to is I've got this. I'm officially done with my month-long freelance project. I'm celebrating with a glass or two (or more...) of wine. a bit o' music. I'm whipping up a summer pie. Brownie sundaes for dessert. A Criminal Minds marathon.

Lisa is on vacation this week. It's also her birthday on Friday. I am NOT on vacation. I don't get days off. The work-at-home-freelance-dog-mom-life doesn't have that luxury. However, because I totally rock in the girly-wife-queendom, I am balancing her birthday, vacation week with my heavy-work-load-week.

Today, that includes cream puffs, drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with hearts. A labor of love, that took place at 2:30 in the morning, and served up, this afternoon, as she lounged with our kids, on the sofa, playing on her tablet.

Which, ended in a relaxing nap. For her. And, the kids.

Prior to dinner, I asked what she wanted with her savory summer pie. I was making corn on the cob. It's not something she usually eats. I gave her a few options. Baked potato. Fried potato. Beans. Rice. Salad. She wanted nothing. That wasn't an option.

I resorted to giving her THE LOOK.

She knew I meant business. If she wanted brownie sundaes, she needed to eat something else aside from summer pie.

As you can see, from the photo, she dove into the corn on the cob like a trooper.

Obviously, brownie sundaes is not a "pup" friendly dessert. We didn't want to exclude the kids so I cut small slices of blueberry crunch cake that I made the previous day. I topped that with strawberry ice cream that Lisa had picked up earlier in the afternoon.

They gobbled this up within seconds and licked their plates clean. I didn't even get a chance to snap a photo of the kids enjoying their treat. 

I had every intention of getting a photo of the brownie sundaes, however, Lisa was too traumatized with having to eat corn. Within 2 seconds of plating up her brownie sundae, she grabbed it and ran. Took off. Hid.

I seriously love this woman.

The evening ended with family snuggle time on the sofa. A Criminal Minds marathon.

Time well spent.

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