Thursday, August 11, 2016

Random Rant: To Those Who Feel The Need To Guilt People Into Donating. You Kinda Suck.

A few days ago, on the overnight, I came across a Facebook post that really bothered me. This happens a lot. More so than I care to admit, however, some bother me more than others especially when it comes to animals, rescue groups, animal shelters, less than favorable pet parents, etc. This particular post was from an animal rights activist and founder of a local rescue group.

To respect confidentiality, I won't share the screenshot I took, but I will share the content of the post because this seriously needs to be addressed.

"5,000 Facebook friends what good is it when you have 6 babies lives at stake & you have less than 50 that care.

I am always there for everyone, other rescues, everyone no matter what when I get asked for help, I help. 

If everyone gave just $1 they couldn't received the best treatment possible

So done...Goodnight."

I'm also going to note that I copied and pasted as the post was written and didn't correct any grammatical errors.

It took everything I had not to respond. I was too angry. Too disgusted.

Don't get me wrong. I can understand the frustration and lack of monetary donations towards the greater good of animal rescue, biscuit love missions, and everything between. In the almost 3 years of Bodacious Biscuit Love, we've run into financial hardships (we're still running out of pocket) and we've come across countless pups in need and their well being and survival depends on outside sources, monetary contributions, and donations.

In those almost 3 years, we've launched many fundraisers to assist with medical costs, purchasing much needed items for our local animal shelters, and donating Bodacious Raffle Baskets to various shelters and organizations who were raising funds for medical, preventative medications, surgery, food, toys, etc.

I also understand that there's a lot of groups and organizations out there who are struggling and they rely on donations and the support from the public.

I also understand that people are cautious about who they donate money and supplies to.

I understand that people would love to donate more, dedicate more time to, and be of more help than what they've already given or volunteered.

What I don't understand are posts like the one I just mentioned.

I get that you're frustrated. Angry. Your funds are drying out. Pups are dying. There are hundreds of pups who need to be rescued and receive medical attention. And, I know their survival depends on that.

However, a post like that isn't going to get you shit.

You know why?

You sound like a spoiled, ungrateful brat.

I'll use our Bodacious Biscuit Love as an example.

We've been running for almost 3 years. We're still running out of pocket. What that boils down to is we're still covering most of the costs of ingredients, supplies, and shipping out of pocket.

Not once, in our almost 3 years of existence, have I ever thought or said, "If more people bought biscuits or donated supplies, we could spread more biscuit love."

I've also never compared the amount of people on my friend's list, or the amount of people who "like" our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page, with the amount of cost-per-week versus what we pay out of pocket.

You just don't do that.

I would never guilt people into donating money or ingredients or buying biscuits.

I would never say, "There's 1,839 people who like our page, but only 12 of you bought biscuits to support our fundraiser...? What's up with that?"

I would certainly not take the time to do the math and call out and and accuse the other 1,827 people of "not caring."

If you're going to do that, you're an asshole. 

Our philosophy is simple and the foundation is based on gratitude across the board. If people are able to buy biscuits or donate supplies, fine. If not, that's fine too. Our gratitude isn't based on who can contribute and who can't. Our gratitude is also extended equally. Whether you purchased $100 worth of biscuits, donated 10 cans of wet food, or simply shared our posts, we are grateful.

It's not just about us. It's our Bodacious Community. We happen to love the community of people who have joined and come forth to assist with the efforts to spread biscuit love.

We do not discriminate.

We do not judge.

We don't have little bitch fits when we don't meet our goals.

We fully understand that not everyone is comfortable donating via the avenues we have available.

Some people don't have PayPal.

Some people have never heard of PayPal.

Some people are hesitant with dropping a dollar or two in our donations jar.

Some people aren't comfortable with writing out a check or typing out their credit card or bank card number online.

That's okay. It really is.

To us, that's not a bad thing.

We focus on the good.

What we raised and what we are able to a community.

And, every effort counts.


We also go several steps further.

We take notice to those who used to purchase biscuits regularly and, for one reason or another, had to stop.

For those reasons, we donate biscuits to these people. No questions asked. We understand all too well what it's like to fall on hard times.

So, to those who feel the need to guilt people into donating or make a handful of the population feel like shit because they weren't able to contribute more, or any, you suck.

You may want to reconsider what you post.

I notice.

People notice.

They may not say anything, but you'll feel the sting and lack of support in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

And, maybe I should have responded to the original post.

After 3 days, is it too late?


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