Saturday, July 16, 2016

An Update On The DIY Mini Platform Bed

On June 30th I wrote a post about the DIY mini platform bed that we were making for the kids. I'ts more for Lobo, but we know Coco and Sophie will use it too. My goal was to start working on it that weekend, however, Lisa and I had our neighbor friend over for dinner a couple of times and we spent a day dippin' and sippin' in her pool. The following weekend...same thing. Amid all of this, I took on a month-long freelance project. What I'm trying to say is that the supplies are still sitting in the biscuit room.

I'm extremely tempted to be hard on myself because of this, but we've been spending a lot of quality time with our neighbor friend and it's been great.

We've made memories. 

Our kids have loved the extra time with their Auntie June too. They absolutely adore her and they get spoiled when she joins us for dinner. Her and Sophie have a special bond.

This coming Friday we made plans on having an early dinner at Cracker Barrel. I've never been. I've always wanted to go. There's one not too far away from where we live. So, we're going. 

Over the weekend, there might be a dip and sip session in the pool. They're predicting another heatwave accompanied by humidity.

Aside from that, my focus is the DIY mini platform bed. 

I am determined. 

I've got this. 

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