Friday, June 3, 2016

Never A Dull Moment. Always Evolving.

This is the photo I posted on my personal Facebook page today. Accompanying the photo was, "After almost a year of hard work, putting myself out there, sharing and loving our messes, and everything between, I am publicly launching our Bodacious Dog Mom Life blog site. There's still a few more things to complete, but...have at it and LIKE LIKE LIKE." What all of that translates to is this blog site went live. I made it public.


Part of me wanted to do cartwheels down the street. Which, on a side note, would have been entertaining for those who witnessed such a sight.

I could feel the excitement bursting at the seams of my very being.

However, after the hour or so of formalities and sending out invitations, I sat down at the kitchen table, sipped my glass of wine and let out a loud exhale.

Lisa asked, "What's the matter?"

I can understand her confusion. This blog site has been a project in the works for many months now. Almost a year. I've spend countless hours bulking it up with content, photos, experimenting with new biscuits recipes, and mentally preparing myself for an official launch date.

I exhaled again. Took a sip of wine.

"Because this is it. I've just exposed myself, our life, and our kids to the world."

Lisa stopped what she was doing.

"And that bothers you why?"

I took another sip of wine.

"It doesn't. This will pass. It's just nerves and anxiety."

I sat with it through dinner and until the following morning when I went to bed to catch a few hours of sleep. I paced, sat on the sofa, sat at my desk and sat at the kitchen table.

I thought about the articles I write for work. The theme is marketing and I have a target audience. I write about honest marketing, being honest and candid with your audience, being amid the conversation and, in the most recent article, I talk about pushing buttons and not writing for the masses.

I adhere to that philosophy.

On the other end of the stick, on a deeper and more personal level, this blog exposes our life as dog mom's and, more so, my life as a work at home dog mom.

When I started this project, almost a year ago, I had two choices. Write for the masses or write in my voice. I chose to write in my own voice. In other words, I don't write to please the masses.

You know why?

I'm not going to please everyone. Regardless of the good I do, the good we do, there will always be critics. More than likely, someone will be offended.

At one point, I wanted to keep the messes out, however, I've realized over the years, life is full of messes. I can hide them or love them. I've chosen to love them. Our messes connect us. Make us real.

And, through my handful of mentors and the candid bloggers I have kept up with for years, they taught me that I can't write with the mind frame of keeping it safe. In other words, I need to be willing to express my opinions, based on experiences and such, without hesitation. I need to be willing and comfortable in sharing the majority of what goes on behind the curtain.

From that point on, the conversations that surface after-the-fact will be a melting pot of those who agree, disagree, hate me, like me, or whatever.

It makes sense.

I have no reason to be nervous or anxious. I'm already at the point of not caring what people think about me. I've been at that point for a long time.

This is simply just another aspect of that angle. 

So, this is it.

Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life.

My life as a work at home dog mom.

Never a dull moment.

Always evolving.

Sometimes, there's wine involved and I swear a lot.

I keep it real.

And, I don't sugarcoat much.


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