Saturday, May 7, 2016

Take It Or Leave It...Messes And All

Last year, in March, I wrote a post on our Bodacious Biscuit Love site about the messy stuff always being there. The inspiration behind that post was from a comment made to me shortly prior. Someone had said, "Your life seems so happy and perfect...blah blah blah." Perfect? Me? My life? Ah, no. Not even close. I hate the word perfection. There's no such thing.

My train of thought, as quoted in my blog post, was, "I sat back and thought about this. Messy stuff. What was I leaving out that gave the impression my life was perfect? What was I supposed to post?  A gripe about the burn on my arm from a cookie sheet or the mud on the kitchen floor from Lisa's sneakers? I just mopped the floor yesterday! A photo of our outrageous monthly electric bill? My hair that currently resembles a mop? By no means is our life remotely close to being perfect. I don't want it to be."

I went on about how my life, our life, is far from perfect. I just chose to keep the messy stuff out.

Over a year after writing that post, I realize this wasn't the best approach to take.


There are several contributing factors...

I'm not perfect.

Nothing about my life, my past or my present day is perfect.

I don't have perfect days.

I shouldn't be ashamed of my story or my past.

I was once homeless and hungry. I was rescued.

My messy stories have inspired others.

The blogs I faithfully read almost every single day, are written by people who share their messes.

People can relate to messes.

People connect to those who have messes.

Messes make us real.

Messes inspire each other.

Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life isn't just about the rainbows and cotton candy days. It's about the messes too. And, people relate to that. I've had people reach out and thank me for sharing this or that.


Because being a parent, whether it's human kids or fur kids, isn't easy.

We're judged. All the time.

Working at home, although there are dozens of perks, is difficult.

Throw in 3 kids, and it's even more challenging.

There are messes every single day. Several times a day.

I used to keep those messes off my personal Facebook wall.

I've gotten better at not doing that.

When I don't keep the messes out, people reply.

They relate.

Common ground.

They offer encouragement.

That makes me feel connected.

It also makes me realize I should have no shame.

I am good enough.

I do enough.

Yes, crappy things happen.

That happens to everyone.

And, if you think those messes aren't happening to everyone, you're wrong.

They are.

Some people are better at hiding those messes than others.

What's the point of all of this?

I'm done hiding the messes.

What you see is what you get.

Take it or leave it.

Messes and all.

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