Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stinky Got A Bath Today. That Was A Big Deal.

Back in January, I introduced Lobo's Stinky. His Stinky was in dire need of a bath and minor surgical repairs. You can update yourself on all of that here. Lobo was very mad at me that day. I felt like the world's worst dog mom.

Stinky has rightfully earned its name. Lobo and Stinky are inseparable. I mean that in every way possible. If Stinky isn't in eyesight, Lobo goes crazy. Stinky is with Lobo every second of every day...except when Lobo goes outside.

We had to draw the line somewhere.

Stinky has needed another bath for quite some time. However, separating the two for any length of time, is 'bout near impossible. However, today, after a little strategic planning, it happened.

When I got up this morning, Lobo followed me to the office about 5 minutes later. He made his little noise letting me know he wanted to get on the sofa. I arranged his favorite blankets on the sofa, picked him up, covered him up.

After that, I broke routine.

This morning, I didn't retrieve Stinky from the bedroom. Usually I do. Once united, Lobo curls up and falls asleep.

Would Lobo fall asleep without Stinky?

Lobo waited. And, I waited to see if he'd go about his usual morning routine.

After a little hesitation, he did.

This was my golden opportunity and I fully took advantage of it.

I let Stinky soak in hot, soapy water for a few minutes. Then, I gave Stinky a bubble bath. I scrubbed Stinky, rinsed, lathered up again, repeat.

After 2 vigorous scrub downs, Stinky got a good rinse under hot water. I made sure to empty the squeakers slowly and quietly.

Once rinsed, Stinky got a towel dry with 2 towels. I wrapped him in the second towel for a bit to soak up any excess water.

Once towel dried, Stinky was laid on top of a kitchen chair to finish drying. Lobo was still asleep. He suspected nothing.

Two hours later, Stinky was fully dried.

Lobo and Stinky were reunited.

This time around, I didn't feel like the world's worse dog mom.

You live. You learn.

Over time, you perfect the process.

Mission accomplished.

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