Friday, June 24, 2016

DIY Party Hats For The Pups

Yesterday was our sweet Sophie's 2 Year Gotcha Day! We celebrated with her favorite dinner of grilled cheeseburgers with sweet potato fries, homemade blueberry cupcakes with fresh made butter cream frosting and, at the last minute, white chocolate covered strawberries. In the days before her special day, I wanted to make a festive Gotcha Day hat for her to wear. I also wanted to make a couple more, with different prints, for Coco and Lobo to wear on their upcoming Gotcha Days.

I knew we wouldn't be able to find a Gotcha Day hat or even a doggy themed party hat. I scanned my craft and fabric shelves for inspiration. The day before Sophie's Gotcha Day, Lisa purchased an 8 count bag of Happy Birthday party hats for $1.00. The rest of the supplies (hot glue gun, fabric, ribbon, and fabric pencil) I had on hand.

I took apart the party hat and traced about a half inch larger than the actual hat. I also removed the elastic.

Then, it was time to glue. Make sure to glue the printed side of the party hat to the underside of the fabric.

Next, glue the half inch lip of fabric over the edge of the hat. Be careful with the hot glue. I must have burned my fingers a half dozen times doing this. And, don't worry about appearance. This part won't be visible once the hat is done.

I invaded my basket o' ribbon and chose red for the tassel. It matched the color of one of the paw prints on the fabric. You'll want to use a thin ribbon for this part. If you don't have fabric ribbon on hand, you can use thin holiday ribbon. Cut 6 pieces...about 4-5 inches long.

Glue the ribbon at the tip of the hat. You can roll the hat to determine the exact spot. Spread the ribbon a bit when gluing.

Roll the hat and glue at the edge starting at the top. By starting at the top of the hat, you won't get the gap as shown in the photo.

Once glued, cut 2 more pieces of ribbon so you can tie the hat on your pup. The length will vary depending on the size of your pup. Be sure NOT to tie too tight.

You can certainly leave the hat as is. I wanted ours to display "Gotcha Day." I took a piece of thin brown cardboard, used a bone shaped cookie cutter, traced and added the lettering and paw prints with a permanent marker.

The total cost to make one hat was well under $1.00. Skill level...easy. Total time to create this adorable hat was about 15-20 minutes. I took photos as I completed each step so it took longer for me.

What I love about these hats is you can use any fabric, any ribbon and make whatever you want for the front. In the future, when we give bags of homemade biscuits as gifts for pup birthdays and Gotcha Days, I'll be including a hat.

I love 'em that much.

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