Sunday, May 22, 2016

Because Sometimes, People Just Suck

In addition to family time, snuggle time and time spent with the kids playing and such, I find solace on our front porch. We live in a fairly quiet neighborhood. Our neighbor across the street has a huge yard, lots of birdhouses and her yard is a haven for all things spectacular. During the warm weather months, Lisa and I will sit on the front porch. I have my camera on hand. We just sit. In the moment.

I need this. It's my distraction from the online sludge I come in contact with every single day.

It's my break from the crappy things humans do.

To us.

To others.

It's my distraction...

Because, sometimes, people suck.

Because sometimes, our random acts of kindness are stomped on.

Because sometimes, I can't fathom why people do the things they do.

Because sometimes, I don't understand why people lack the simple ability to communicate with one another.

Because sometimes, I have a hard time wondering why people opt to be underhanded instead of saying, "Hey, we decided on other arrangements."

Because sometimes, I know I need to stand my ground, but I know there will be repercussions.

Because sometimes, I could kick myself in the ass for extending kind gestures, once again, only to have them kicked through the mud without regard or respect.

I should know better.

I do know better.

I always say, "Lesson learned."

But, I keep making the offers.

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

We both do.

For right now, I need to just exhale. Be in the moment. Think. Process.

Do the right thing for myself, Lisa and our family.

That's not so hard to do.

It just sucks it had to come down to this.

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