Friday, April 29, 2016

Our Kids Fascinate Me

I often find myself watching our kids especially when they're in a playful mood. This happens a lot, however, it wasn't always this way. At one time, it was only Coco and Sophie. They napped and chewed bones together, but there was very little playfulness between the two of them. When Lobo joined our family, that all changed. We saw a side to Coco and Sophie that we hadn't witnessed before.

Early on, Coco and Lobo formed a rather tight bond. They both love chew bones and there's at least a dozen scattered throughout the house. Both of them would sprawl out on the bed, sofa or floor and chew their chosen bone for a few minutes, Then, they'd switch.

As time went on, they taunted each other with hiding the bones. Coco would bring the chew bones up on the bed or sofa where Lobo couldn't reach. In return, Lobo would hide the chew bones under the bed (before we took away the bed frame). Coco couldn't fit under the bed.  They'd run around gathering bones to hide. Throughout all of this, Coco would paw a bone off the bed for Lobo. Eventually, Lobo would drag a few bones from underneath the bed. It was a game that kept them occupied and, on my end, was quite entertaining.

Sophie came out of her shell even more too. She started playing and pouncing and engaging in playtime with Lobo. Sophie taught Lobo how to howl and now, when Lisa and I step outside, the two of them team up and serenade us with howls. On occasion, I've caught Sophie initiate play with Lobo. And, as displayed in the photo, Lobo tries to give his sister kisses, but she plays hard to get.

Our kids absolutely fascinate me. Observing their interaction with each other is nothing short of amusing. It's a break from my hectic daily routine. Lisa and I have gotten plenty of belly laughs. All 3 of them have a deep bond.

Our kids are pretty amazing.

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