Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Rush To Get New Name Tags...

I have frequent dork moments. A little over a year ago I updated my phone and number. My old phone had my out of state number. The name tags on our kid's collars reflected my old number and Lisa's current number. Last fall, a dear friend of ours, while on vacation, bought our kids cute name tags. Only Lisa's number was etched in. There wasn't enough room for mine.

I thought nothing of it because Lisa's number was accurate and she always has her phone nearby. The dork moment surfaced last month Lisa when updated her phone and number as well. Between the transition of one contract to the other, there was a 2 week period in which she was able to use both phones.

Well, Lisa is completely updated. The contract on the old phone expired. Yesterday, while playing with the kids, I thought, "Oh shit. We need to update their tags."

Lisa ran to Petco.

And...$28 and some change later, we had their new tags. Both numbers on the backside of the tags.


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