Friday, February 26, 2016

Our Kids Don't Like It When Their Mom Is Away Overnight

Yesterday was the first time in a while that I missed writing a post. Two days ago, a dear friend of my wife's family lost his battle with cancer. On the overnight, Wednesday into Thursday, I experienced one of the worst wind storms of my life. I sat on the sofa, flashlight in hand, listening to the wind. It sounded like a freight train going down our street. On top of that, we had a severe thunderstorm warning. At one point, I stood on the front porch, barefoot, to witness Mother Nature in all of her fierce glory. The sky lit up.

I kept my fingers crossed we didn't lose power. I had a lot to do yesterday.

I spent most of yesterday baking and cooking for Lisa's journey to New Hampshire. By early evening, everything was ready to be packaged up. I was still scurrying around the kitchen after Lisa and the kids went to bed.

Lisa was able to take today off. She left early in the morning. Emotionally, it was difficult on the both of us. Lisa doesn't like being away from home overnight. Neither do I. The kids don't either. Although it happens twice a year, it doesn't get any easier.

The trip to NH is about 3 hours. My anxiety is through the roof. I always think about the "what ifs." I'm my own worst enemy. 

The kids knew something was up this morning. Their weekday schedule was outside of the norm. When Lisa left, all 3 kids were awake and roaming about the house. By late morning, they settled down for their naps.

I worked through most of the afternoon. The kids went about their usual routine. Nap. Snack. Outside time. Playtime. Nap.

By 5, they knew something was up. Their other Mom wasn't home yet. Where was she?

From experience, I knew they'd be getting nervous, restless and worried. With each car door they heard or noise outside, they thought it was Lisa. They'd rush to the door.

By dinner, they were out of sorts. I made their bowls of food, but they didn't flock to the kitchen like they normally do. Coco ate his dinner on our bed. I had to feed Lobo his dinner by hand. Sophie, as pictured, ate her dinner on the living room chair where Lisa's sweatshirt was hanging on the side.

I have no shame in admitting, I get a bit weepy. They miss their other Mama. So do I. Although it tugs at my heartstrings, I'm always amazed at how deeply our kids are affected when things are Lisa being away on the overnight.

Once we got through dinner, I made mine. Cheese pizza. Something the kids love and we could all share. I popped in a chick flick. The four of us snuggled on the sofa. Later, I popped in another chick flick.

A short while ago, Coco got up from the sofa and got situated in our bed under the blankets. Sophie and Lobo stayed on the sofa.

I'll read for a bit. Fall asleep. On the sofa.

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