Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Don't Care Who Dies In A Movie, As Long As The Dog Lives

Lisa and I have similar tastes in movies. Choosing one or two for movie night isn't usually a problem. The only time we clash heads is when Lisa wants to watch a movie involving a dog. I can't do it even if there's a happy ending because I know, at some point throughout the movie, there's going to be a sad scene.

I'll go so far as getting up from the sofa and not coming back if we're watching a non-dog movie and there's a dog intertwined in the story and something happens to the dog. Or if I get a feeling something is going to happen to the dog. There have been a handful of movies where that's happened.

Does that mean Lisa is prohibited from watching dog movies. Nope. Those are the evenings I'll catch up on writing and work stuff in the office. Our office is off of the living room. I can see the sofa. And when I know there's a sad scene, I'll lean to the right and catch a glimpse of Lisa on the sofa with the kids.

I hear her sniffling.

I ask if she needs an allergy pill.

She always tells me no.

I continue working.

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