Tuesday, February 9, 2016

12 Obvious Signs We're Crazy Dog People

A few months ago we had company over for dinner. Although we've known them for awhile, it was the first time they visited. I watched with amusement as one of the guests brushed off the chair before they sat down. Several times I caught them glancing around our home. Shortly after dinner was served, one of the guests said, "Wow. You really like dogs, don't you."

Yes. Yes we do. 

I didn't take offense to their comment. It's obvious we are "dog people." We don't hide it. If you were to spend any amount of time with us, at home or not, it wouldn't take long to catch on.

1. Photos. Approximately 98% of the photos on our phones are of the kids. Sleeping. Eating. Playing. Their cuteness. The other 2% are of us...with the kids.

2. Home decor. There are dog themed stuff decorating our home. From the handcrafted treat jar as our table centerpiece to the plush twerking dog on top of the refrigerator. We'd like to have more, especially stuff for the wall, but a lot of dog themed stuff says "dog" instead of "dogs" or "my kids have

3. We use terms that Moms of human children use. Coco is our son. Sophie is our daughter. Lobo is our son. They have nappy time and their favorite blankies. I threaten the kids with a timeout. It never happens, but it makes me feel better to say it. At times, conversation can get awkward especially when we talk about our kids pooping in the yard or what we use for flea preventative.

4. Our vehicle. There's plenty of nose art on the windows and fur on the seat. Biscuit crumbs decorate the seats and floors. There's always a bag of biscuits in the glove box. Our window decal has paw prints and says, "Proud Moms of rescue dogs." We're getting other window decorated as well.

5. Biscuit Room. Our home has 3 bedrooms. One of those rooms is an actual bedroom. One, an office. The last, and smallest of the three, is a biscuit room. This is where our biscuits rest after baking and all of our Bodacious Biscuit Love stuff is kept. More often than not, the 6 foot table lined with trays are piled high with biscuits. I've lost count how many times someone has looked at head, with their head tilted, and said, "You have a biscuit room?"

6. Blankets, toys and beds, oh my! Our living room furniture is covered with throw blankets and pet pillows. The floor in the office, bedroom and living room has several doggy beds and pet pillows. There's a huge wicker basket filled with dog toys. The floor in every room is often scattered with toys and chew bones. Our bed is also covered with throw blankets and dog toys. And...biscuit crumbs.

7. Fur is the new black. Dog fur is a permanent part of our wardrobe. It accessorizes our tops and bottoms. We wear it well.

8. Plans revolve around our kids. Always. They're not left home for extended periods of time. We're always home to feed them dinner. If bad weather is going to hit during the summer months (and, now, during the winter months), we don't leave home. No vacations away from home. No weekend getaways. We don't stay out late.

9. No room for Mom. If the kids are occupying the sofa, I sit on the floor. When the kids are sprawled out in bed, I strategically find a corner for myself...without disturbing the kids.

10. We prefer homes with fur-kids. The more fur-kids you have, the better. We won't refer to you as the crazy dog or cat lady. Promise.

11. We're outnumbered. Three kids. Two Moms.

12. Presents for the kids. When we do go out and about for a little Mommy leisure time, we don't return home empty handed. Often times, when the bags are emptied, we realize we bought nothing for us.

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