Thursday, February 11, 2016

What's The Difference If I Watch You Pee And Poop, Mom?

Whether I'm working in the home office or in the kitchen baking biscuits or prepping for dinner, at least one of the kids is at my feet. I'm continuously looking down when I move around the kitchen or going from one room to the other. I don't want to trip over one of the kids. The kids follow me. When I decide to work from the sofa, they hear me sit. Seconds later, I hear the army of paws and jingling of their tags. I soon have all 3 kids on my lap.

I'm never alone. Ever.

If you think, for one second, that changes when I have to use the bathroom, nope. There's Lobo. Sitting there. Watching me. Making his little noises. Talking to me. I can only imagine what he's trying to discuss with me while I'm doing MY business. Or maybe he's trying to reason with me.

"Mom, you want me when I pee and poop. What's the difference if I watch you?"

He has a point.

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