Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Sweet Valentine's Day With The Kids

Lisa and I have a love hate relationship with Valentine's Day. We embrace the sentiment, but we don't get caught up in the obnoxious commercialization. Neither of us presents the other with a pricey token of our love and affections. We keep it simple. Sweet. Delicious. This year was no exception.

Yesterday, we gave the kids their Valentine's Day Nylabone chew bones. A day early. Coco and Lobo chew on these bones several times a day. Sophie will when she's in the mood.

I made the kids heart shaped biscuits with a peanut butter white chip drizzle. We're always amused watching them tackle one of these sweet gems. They eat the drizzle first. Always.

Each year, I make a special treat for our dear friends. Last year I made cupcakes. This year, I covered the table with waxed paper and made a triple batch of my Valentine's Day munch. Once the chocolate hardened, I filled treat bags, tied with a festive ribbon, made heart-shaped tags and Lisa delivered. Everyone loved it.

For dinner, the kids got surf-n-turf. They all ate with gusto and licked their bowls clean.

For dessert, the kids enjoyed fresh baked "human & pup" friendly Valentine's Day sugar cookies from their Auntie Charlene & Uncle Bob. I've never seen the kids go crazy over cookies as they did with these. Must. Get. Recipe.

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a special dessert. This year, I whipped up a homemade cheesecake with my fresh made raspberry sauce. Dessert was enjoyed on the sofa, with the kids, snuggling and a couple of movies.

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