Monday, February 15, 2016

My Day Was Spent On The Sofa With The Kids

Today, I had plans to tackle the pile of work at my desk. Breaks would be spent doing housework. Maybe, just maybe, I'd squeeze in some writing time. An hour after waking up, I knew none of that was going to happen. Thank you, Mother Nature. Two days ago we had windchill temperatures of 15-30 below zero. Today, our weather consisted of mild temperatures in the 60's, torrential downpours and wind gusts close to 70 mph.

The weather was loud. It rattled the kids, especially Sophie. Lobo's anxiety was through the roof. Coco, who normally isn't bothered by inclement weather, started pacing.

Working at my desk was not an option. I grabbed a fresh cup of coffee, a snack, some biscuits for the kids and set up my Chrome book before getting comfortable on the sofa. Within a minute, all 3 kids were on the sofa with me. Shortly after, they each found their comfortable spot.

By late morning the lights started flickering. At times, they'd dim almost to the point where I was certain we'd lose power. The wind, at times, sounded as if a freight train was going down the street. The rain pounded our windows. And thunder. Lots of it.

I got very little work done.

The kids and I stayed on the sofa until Lisa got home from work. By this time, the weather had settled down a bit. We went about our usual nightly routine. Thankfully we didn't lose power. A lot of Connecticut had lost power periodically throughout the day.

After dinner, I napped for an hour. I tucked Lisa and the kids in around 9:30 p.m. With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I sat at my desk to work on what I had wanted to work on 12 hours ago.

I sit here and think how many times people have said being a dog Mom is easy. Working at home is easy. It's not. I have enough work to keep me busy until around 4 a.m. I have a tentative schedule for tomorrow, however, like today, something could come up. It doesn't take much for my schedule to change.

Despite my change in plans today, having over 300 emails to go through and articles to write on the overnight, I honestly wouldn't change a thing. This is my life. Our life. I'm a dog Mom.

A proud one at that.

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