Monday, February 8, 2016

Please Take Me To Work With You, Mom

Lil' Lobo is the smallest of our 3 kids weighing in at about 8 pounds. He's photogenic. With a biscuit in hand, we can pretty much bribe him for any photo shot. Lobo doesn't mind wearing apparel or hats or posing for themed photos. Our other 2 kids, this isn't exactly the case. Coco hates having his photo taken, will turn his head, and refuses to wear apparel. Sophie is a good sport with wearing apparel for a minute or two, but gives me THE LOOK when I attempt to take a photo or two.

This afternoon, after Lisa emptied the contents of her lunch bag, Lobo was at her feet barking up a storm. This is normal and continues for about 10 minutes after she returns home from work. Lisa put Lobo in her lunch bag. There was enough room for him to comfortably fit along with additional room.

The expression on his face melted our hearts.

"Mommy, please take me to work with you. It would be easy to sneak me in and you'd still have plenty of room for your lunch and a few biscuits and carrots for me."

Oh. That. Face.

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