Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Story For The Kids

We adopted Coco the summer of 2012. The last week of November, we put our Christmas tree up. Later that evening, Lisa sat on the sofa with Coco and told him all about Christmas. He sat on her lap. Content. Listening. He'd look at Lisa. The Christmas tree. Lisa. The tree. I sat beside of them on the sofa snapping a few photos. Coco was taking it all in. His first Christmas.

Two years later, Sophie celebrated her first Christmas with us. It seemed fitting to tell her all about Christmas too. Lisa recited the same story she had told Coco and explained that she'd have her very own Christmas ornament and stocking. On Christmas morning, there would be presents for her and Coco. Sophie was feeling a little festive and wore her reindeer outfit.

This year, it's Lobo's turn. We had to get a bigger Christmas tree. The kids each get a new ornament every year. Lisa and I get one too. The weight of the ornaments, and amount, was too much for our 3 foot tree. We upgraded to a 4 footer. Once everything was situated, and Lobo was dressed in his brother's Santa suit, Lisa told him all about Christmas.

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