Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An Early Christmas Gift For The Kids

Two of our neighbors, who have become like family to us, are pet parents as well. When they venture off for the day, weekend or a week-long vacation, we take care of their 3 babies. They live across the street. Our kids adore their Auntie Char and Uncle Bob. We celebrate special occasions and exchange gifts for Christmas. They never forget to include our kids.

This year, the kids opened their present early. I wish I would've gotten the entire spectacle on video. The kids really got into this gift. It came in a box. Wrapped. Coco pawed the wrapping paper. Lobo wanted to sit on top of the box. Sophie sat by my feet watching her brothers. Occasionally she'd take a few steps towards the box and sniff.

Once the contents of the box was revealed, the kinds were delighted. So were we. A super soft, plush throw blanket. The texture is unlike anything I've ever felt. The blanket is smaller than most throw blankets. It's the perfect size for our kids.

Where did they get this blanket?

I was surprised to find out they purchased it at T.J. Maxx in the baby section.

I also learned this retailer has a nice selection of reasonably priced doggy stuff like coats, apparel, food bowls, etc. 

I never thought to look in the baby aisles, of any retailer, for super soft blankets. It was a total palm-of-hand-to-forehead-moment.

Our kids love their new blanket. We'll definitely be shopping for more.

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