Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day Was Spent At Home

Christmas Eve, we stayed home. Today, we stayed home too. It was the first time ever that we didn't make big plans or have people over. Lisa and I enjoyed some much needed down-time with the kids. It was the 5 of us. At home. We ate. Played. Ate some more. Got on the floor and played with the kids. Snuggled. Watched about a half-dozen movies. Ate more.

And you know what? We enjoyed every minute of it. This may become a new tradition for us. No, wait. I stand corrected. This will be a new tradition. 

We all slept in. After breakfast, the kids got their gifts. Blankets, biscuits and fresh marrow bones. While taking this photo, Sophie was trying to bite through the plastic wrap.

A Christmas miracle happened later in the afternoon. Coco sported a Santa hat long enough for me to take a photo.

After all of the Christmas morning excitement, and spending over an hour chewing her new marrow bone, Sophie was ready for a nap.

Lobo, on the other hand, who loves being in front of the camera, wasn't quite done posing for photos. Out of our 3 kids, he's the most photogenic.

The kids got their own turkey for Christmas dinner. Their turkey was roasted before the Christmas ham made its way into the oven. Not the best photo, I know.

We made Christmas memories today. At the end of the day, that's what matters. There was no stress. No pressure to be here or there on time. No rushing around. The kids didn't have to be confined to the bedroom because we had a houseful of guests. They didn't spend it alone...waiting for us to get home.

Tomorrow, the kid's Auntie Char and Uncle Bob are coming over for drinks and munchies. They're looking forward to that. So are we.

On that note, Lisa is slicing pie. Time for dessert and another movie.

Merry Christmas!

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