Friday, September 1, 2023

This Is Why We Will Not Be Making Our Bodacious Rustic Pumpkins This Year


The last time we made our Bodacious Rustic Pumpkins was at the end of September 2021. We adore these pumpkins. We love making them. At the time, and in years prior, we sold out. We made a few additional sets to give to family and friends. 

We were determined to make more of these gorgeous pumpkins last year, but Lisa's work schedule was crazy busy. Lots of extra hours and stress. She was a second-shift manager. Going in an hour early. And, sometimes not getting home until after 3 in the morning. 

By the time the weekend rolled around, Lisa was completely worn out. Understandably so. On Fridays, she would head to work. An hour early. The number of hours she would be gone was always unknown. Most weeks, she wouldn't get home until the wee hours on Saturday morning. 


Saturdays were shot. Sleep in a bit. Get a few things done around the house. Maybe an errand or two. Then. More sleep for Lisa. 

On Sundays, Lisa would get projects done indoors and outdoors while I prepped snacks and dinners for us and our kids. Then, dinner. Family snuggle time. 

Suddenly, Monday was here.

We never had enough time to get big projects done. Most weeks, we didn't have time to finish the smaller ones. 

During this period in our lives, what mattered the most was getting the important stuff done. For our kids. Us. Homemade meals and snacks. Mowing the lawns. Tending to additional indoor and outdoor projects. Family time. 

That all happened.

But there was no time left for Lisa to spend in the Bodacious Woodshop. I know that if I pleaded, she would have made time. However. I knew she was exhausted and physically drained. My priority was to make sure that she got plenty of rest to rejuvenate for the upcoming week. 

During the first week in January of this year, we embraced a massive change. Lisa bid farewell to the company she had worked at for over 20 years. She took a couple of months off. To exhale. To find a job that she could see herself retiring with. 

Amid this time, a lot of things happened. It was a blessing in disguise. At the time, our sweet Sophie had been diagnosed with Canine Dementia. She was on 2 medications that didn't help. It only prolonged the inevitable. 

Lisa was able to spend a considerable amount of time with her. She was home. With me. Our kids. By the time February approached, we knew we had to make that difficult decision. We put it off. Probably longer than we should have, however, on February 16th, Sophie made her journey over the Rainbow Bridge. 

We decided to create a Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden. The process was emotionally difficult. You can read about that here. In April, we finally completed our Rainbow Bridge project. 

Throughout that time, we were also embarking on a new adventure of making Bodacious Birdhouses. We have done exceptionally well, and our Bodacious Woodshop and Workshop are in full swing. 

Well. Sort of. 

We had plans to make lots of our Bodacious Rustic Pumpkins this year. However. Our sweet Coco, who is a senior, has begun to show the same signs that Sophie did. 

Little by little. 

From our experience with Sophie, we just know. 

At this point, we know the medications Sophie was on will not work. Medications to cure old age and Canine Dementia do not exist. They didn't with Sophie. 

I posted this photo on my personal Facebook wall on January 7th with a little write-up...

"What I have failed to mention over the past months. Is. That. Coco has lumps and bumps. More than likely, cancer. Other health issues over the years. Sophie was diagnosed with Canine Senility/Dementia. This has been heartbreaking. Lobo has a stage 4 heart murmur. And, after 8 years, he is losing mobility with his single hind leg. All seniors.

Daily life. Lots of meds. Lots of love and belly rubs and squishy love. Daily Dog Mom Life is not easy. But. We are doing it. Our furry kids are our world."


That is where we are at. 

Grateful that Lisa is working for a great company. 

First shift. 

We will not be making our Bodacious Rustic Pumpkins this year. 

That is okay. 

Our little family always comes first. 

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