Friday, August 4, 2023

Our Furry Kids ARE Our Kids


This was the scene during the Summer of 2021. Lisa was at the kitchen counter. Cutting and slicing a watermelon. The kids were all napping soundly. However. They always knew the sound and smell of a fresh watermelon being cut. It is one of their favorite fruits. 

I took this photo on June 28th of this year. Lisa was watering the outdoor flowers after work. We had just done grocery shopping. I was in the kitchen slicing up fresh watermelon and making dinner. Even though our sweet Sophie is no longer with us, that didn't change a thing when it came to fresh watermelon. 

This is often the scene too when we slice and dice fresh fruits and vegetables and prepare their homemade meals and snacks. We always joke that they're helping us, but we both know the truth. And, the truth is they always get nibbles of the scrumptiousness. 

This is one of the many things that we love about our kids. 

I say kids because they are our kids. 




Read that. 






Lisa and I do not have human kids. Many moons ago, as in back in 2011, we had discussed the possibility. However, the Universe works in mysterious ways. It didn't happen. Instead, we became Dog Moms. 

And that progressed over the years to adopting 4 beautiful rescue furry kids. 

We have absolutely no regrets. 



Each of our kids have come from a dysfunctional situation. They were rescued. Saved. Because beautiful and courageous humans stepped up.

We were a part of that process. 

I am writing all of this because some of our family members (on my side) have used this against us. Thrown it in our faces. Back then. And. Recently. 

More to come...

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