Tuesday, April 18, 2023

This Tugs At My Heartstrings, But Great Things Are In The Works


Many years ago, we founded Bodacious Biscuit Love. We made homemade dog treats for shelter and rescue dogs. We also had a license to sell our homemade biscuits. All of the profits we made went to pay for ingredients, supplies, and to cover shipping costs to spread Bodacious Biscuit Love far and wide. 

I remember this time in our life as if it was yesterday. 

July 12, 2014...

"We delivered some yummies for both pups and "hoomans." A bag and basket o' biscuits for the sweet pups in Bethlehem...AND a lil' Hardcore Sweet Cupcake bliss for Judy..."

May 2, 2014...

"Today, we're venturing on another biscuit run that'll take us all the way to Bethlehem. This time around we're spreading the biscuit love to 4 shelters. 

A special thank you to Vicki S. who made a donation for us to make and bake a gorgeous gift basket filled with biscuits for the Bristol Pound. And, another heartfelt thank you to Megan H. for the beautiful blankets that'll be going to Mama Faith and her puppies.

The biggest of thank you's goes out to ALL OF YOU. Every donation made for our bags o' biscuits and the huge amount of effort put forth to get the word out, share our updates, pass out our cards, etc...it ALL matters and it ALL makes a difference. We ALL have a part in this. And because of that... there are A LOT of sweet babies enjoying some crunchy love. 

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

August 14, 2014...

"We posted the announcement that Neccog Animal Services was running low on dog food this afternoon and look what has happened in the past 5 hours!!! THIS! THIS! THIS! We've spent the past couple of hours picking up a food donation at one location, visiting stores and collecting a couple of monetary donations. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We'll be delivering this load tomorrow as well as a few others next week. Let's keep this going!!!"

November 7, 2014...

"We're bursting with excitement and...at a loss for words. On October 2nd we launched a Bags For Biscuits fundraiser to benefit the sweet Bethlehem Shelter Dogs. Well, tomorrow is the big day...we'll be delivering ALL OF THIS! There are bags of grain-free dog food, canned food, treats, toys, collars, and leashes and we'll be adding bags of Bodacious Biscuits! 

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to every single one of you for making THIS possible! Your generosity and taking the time to spread the word made THIS happen! There's gonna be lots of happy, wagging tails tomorrow at the Bethlehem shelter!!"

September 1, 2014...

"Our Cans for Cookies Drive for Neccog Animal Services was a HUGE success and a stunning example of what teamwork is all about! Over 250 cans of dog food were donated (252 in photo + over 20 more coming in this week) along with bags of dry food and treats. 

Thank you to everyone who donated food, helped with spreading the word and everything between. We had donations come in from all over Connecticut, Massachusetts and even MAINE!! We are so grateful for everyone's generosity and efforts. Great things are done by a series of small things brought together..."

December 10, 2014...

"I've officially been up for 24 hours. Most of that time was spent baking and bagging biscuits and "hooman" cookies. Our 12 Shelters of Christmas is in full swing and we're gonna be spreading a HUGEEEE amount of holiday biscuit love to shelters all over Connecticut. We are lovin' every minute of it.

Before I begin round 2 of our Bodacious holiday bake fest, I'm gonna crawl under the blankets and snuggle with the furry kids. Sleep. Is. A. Must."

December 17, 2014...

"It's been another 24-hour stretch at the Bodacious household and we're still a few hours away from being able to catch a lil' sleep. We've got a TON of Holiday Biscuit Love heading out the door this afternoon to be shipped and personally delivered to some sweet shelter pups. This time around, we have a few Bodacious Holiday Helpers who will be showing up later this morning. Who are they? We're not tellin' yet.

A couple of these boxes are heading up to Sanford, Maine...home of Rosie S. She's a remarkable lady! Rosie and her mom team up and make gorgeous blankets all year as well as purchase toys and treats. Around the holidays, they donate all of it to a local shelter. On Saturday, Rosie will be heading to the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk to deliver some holiday cheer. We're sending her some bags of biscuits so she can spread the love!

And, this one tugged at our heartstrings, the other night we got a call from Santa. He received a letter from a child and was on their list...Bodacious Biscuits for his pup. Santa needed a little help with that one. We were MORE than happy to assist.

It's only Wednesday. We're not done spreading the Bodacious Holiday Love yet and we've got a few more "12 Shelters of Christmas" shout-outs!"

April 5, 2015...

"Today, we're shipping out some Bodacious Boxes O' Biscuit Love to the sweet Woodbury-Bethlehem Animal Control pound pups, Gemma, and Willow. And...we'll be delivering Bodacious Bags O' Biscuits to Plainfield Animal Control. Our final stop...a lil' visit and some biscuit love for Ledyard Animal Control."

May 30, 2015...

"We had an incredible time today at the Ledyard Animal Control Appreciation Day 2015. A huge thank you to everyone who stopped at our table to show their support. We saw a lot of familiar faces and met some new ones...both pups and "hoomans." Our gratitude runs deep and we appreciate you!"

April 24, 2017...

"Last Thursday, we journeyed down to the Ledyard area. We delivered biscuit love to a very special pup at the Ledyard Pound. On the way home, we stopped at the talented Valerie's house to get our Bodacious Biscuit Love decals. Thank you SO much, Val!! You rock!"

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 


It has been difficult to consider removing this page from Facebook, never mind actually doing it. But, it's time. 

Even though Bodacious Biscuit Love is something we no longer provide, we are still doing great stuff. We still make homemade meals and treats for all of our furry kids. We share our homemade treats. We have a few things in the works that will transpire in the next year or two. 

We. Are. Still. Here.

As I am typing this, a few of my favorite bloggers come to mind. I have been following them for over a decade. Over the years, their direction, focus, and purpose have changed. 


Because their lives have changed.

Times have changed. 

Kids get older.

Work schedules change.

The authors of these blogs get older and wiser.

Social media platforms have changed.

Algorithms have changed.

The list goes on and on and on. 

Yes, I am sad, and deleting the Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page tugs at my heartstrings.


Great things are still in the works.

And, they will happen. 

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